Stationmaster net broadcast what in quest of Wanda electricity supplier plot The United States miss

1 exclusive negotiations: go to the market of nearly $200 million acquisition of  

58 to seek financing;

O2O of the capital market is becoming fierce battle. In the United States, the public comments have been huge financing, Tencent technology today exclusively learned local life market website is in talks with a number of investment institutions, seeking a new round of financing, the amount of nearly $200 million.

according to a number of senior investment industry of Tencent technology market broke, Huaxing capital has hired as a financial adviser, go to the market and the parties negotiate has continued for a period of time.

The current

technology, repeated attempts to contact the market Tencent CEO Yang Haoyong, the other has refused to answer questions.

2 exposure for the first time, Wanda electricity supplier in the end in the conspiracy what?  

want to go to the mall last weekend, it is more and more needs the courage to do. Parking? Ranked team for a long time, not easy to get into the parking lot, but around for several laps did not find a parking space, finally exit row over the "long" block in the channel intersection; eat? The restaurant has been filled with people, and want to go to the front desk for 40, while visiting side waiter, just tell you, too, don’t wait; buy clothes, the clothes on the poster is really nice, but where they are……

every time this time, almost all want the parking lot parking spaces, if can make an appointment to the good; allelic restaurant can not keep in the doorway, fast to the number of time can receive phone call; when you buy clothes, you can simply find the one you want. Perhaps, these will soon come true.

3 "WeChat" domain name buyers price of $1 million?  

April 13th hearing, April Fool’s day this day, the overseas domain name registrar GoDaddy listed, the market value of $5 billion 400 million, once again proved the existence of the value of the domain name. In recent days, the 2 letter domain name "domain name" meaning has been big investors to get a "heroic", it is revealed that the price of millions of dollars.

it is understood that the domain name previously held by the United States, "Young Man" magazine, the official domain name of the magazine is According to Ben said, because the seller is a traditional business, do not know much about domain name transactions, so the progress is very slow to pay half a month to get the transfer code.

4 mobile Internet era, what is the nature of marketing from advertising to SDi changes  

in the mobile Internet era, marketing is the essence of what? "By this discussion, hope that" with a structured approach to how the brand can help to better understand and execute marketing? "And to achieve this goal, we first.