Controversial mogujie com 8 months of transition valuation soared 1 billion

[Abstract] in February 2011 on the line last year, Ali blocked interface, the gradual transformation of Taobao.

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun June 9th reported

Announced a new round of financing over $two hundred million

located in Hangzhou day before, at a $1 billion valuation. Hopu investment, jointly led Zhi capital letters. This has become a big investment in the Internet field this year, also led to electricity supplier industry to pay high attention to the model. on February 2011 on the line, in October last year, due to being Ali blocked interface, from the original electricity supplier shopping guide to the vertical transformation of the clothing business platform, and gradually go to Taobao.

public information, conducted two rounds of financing totaling more than 2000 dollars in 2011, Bertelsmann A round of investment, B round investors Qiming; in October 2012, completed B+ round of financing, lead investor IDG. According to the general case of financing projections, the proportion of the first two rounds of investors should be at 10-20%, when the media said valued at $200 million.

only 8 months after the transition,’s valuation will increase to 5 times. What makes the capital side to sell $1 billion? To refer to is currently listed on the thunder, 10 years of development, the valuation of only $800 million; electricity supplier has been listed market capitalization of $800 million, only $270 million in potential Lanting Pavilion.

in the eyes of investors, the maximum value of after the transformation where? This support its high valuation of clothing vertical business platform model and the original model of Taobao in the end relying on commercial shopping? In the successful transformation process how the dry cargo is worth studying.

Tencent technology exclusive interview with CEO June and many investors, in order to uncover the secrets.

valuation of three strong points benefit from and launched at the beginning of the foreign Pinterest variant, zoudian business community model, the upstream share through interest picture precise form of women shopping community, the downstream link directly through Taobao, Taobao exchange, the formation of business loop. Due to the ban Ali, last October, officially launched the electricity supplier platform excellent shop, to explore Vertical Women’s clothing electricity supplier.

precise user base growth potential to become the first point of support for’s high valuation. According to official disclosure of the data shows that at the beginning of October 2013, after the transformation of the month of’s transaction volume reached 120 million yuan, at present, the data reached 300 million yuan, estimated the income of nearly 18 million yuan (according to the transaction amount of 6% to count), trading volume increased 150% in 8 months. CEO June in an exclusive interview with Tencent technology revealed that’s revenue is mainly excellent store merchandise sales commission. Up to now, monthly active capital

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