1 days hacking Gang stealing 50 thousand QQ online reselling profit 600 thousand year


hacking gangs 1 days up to steal QQ number 50 thousand by Alipay sold half profit nearly 600 thousand yuan

Washington (reporter Tu Chun technology correspondent Chen Hong) by the Zhejiang province Ningbo city Beilun District procuratorate prosecution, the court recently illegal access to computer information system data and sentenced the defendant Wang Mingjun one year and six months in prison, two years probation, and fined 5000 yuan; he Sata sentenced the defendant to imprisonment for one year, probation in one year and six months, fined 3000 yuan.

around August 2010, Chen Xianzheng’s friend, Liu Yi, went to Anhui from Ningbo. Chen Xianzheng told Liu Yi, using Trojan software to steal someone else’s QQ account can make money, he can provide Trojans and other software, as long as the computer on the line of the. It had no chance to Liu Yi was very fond of, after he returned to Ningbo to find Jin Jiakai, Wang Mingjun, et al., through the purchase and lease up more than and 400 computer, and he hired Star ten migrant workers hacking.

The members of the

hacking gangs are not understand software knowledge, and a decent Chen Xian "technical guidance" come, help them to the computer to install Trojan software, and tell them some knowledge of daily maintenance. After two or three days of debugging, the host computer is being controlled by the, which is frantically publishing "my photo.RAR" virus on the internet.

Once the

computer poisoning, QQ users will receive the seemingly ordinary compressed file "my photo.RAR", if the opening inside the picture, the computer will be infected immediately, automatically send QQ account password to a foreign server. Even if the user is aware of the theft of QQ, want to change the password by way of taking back the QQ number, but also can not play any role.


QQ hacking Gang divided into three dens, members of the clear division of labor, some responsible for computer, site and Trojan virus, some keep in front of the computer 24 hours of hacking, some responsible for washing, some for sale, some responsible for the maintenance of computer, like a small network company.

One of

is responsible for washing the dens. What is the first wash, wash, put the stolen QQ number of virtual software assets clean, such as the light conversion Q coins sold, the game score, take away all equipment. Then, the price is relatively high number, cornet from massive sorting out stolen QQ number on the Internet, according to the different price of the sale, made a secret deal with Alipay way. Part number and even fraud will flow into the hands, become a money making tool.

10 thousand QQ account and password of the sale price of 300 yuan to 1000 yuan, the daily average of 30 thousand to gangs to steal QQ number 40 thousand, "when the performance is good, can hacking nearly 50 thousand a day. From October 2010 to May 2011, the gang profit of nearly 600 thousand yuan.

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