Under the Red Sea YunOS can meet the small and medium mobile phone brand what fantasy

2015 after the eleven double, the domestic mobile phone knockout has ended, whether it is brand awareness or comprehensive sales, a second tier brands and the watershed between the more obvious. And when a large number of small and medium-sized brands pale curtain by YunOS, but Ali small mobile phone brand to extend the olive branch.

before 2014, there are blue orange, Tianyu, Haier and other mobile phone brand choice YunOS, but for different reasons in sales is not ideal, YunOS was also in the whirlpool of public opinion. Then Meizu and Ali cooperation broke YunOS’s curse, doov Neumann, and other small and medium-sized mobile phone brands have stand. When the domestic mobile phone market from the blue ocean to kill into the Red Sea, and even called the sea of blood, small mobile phone brand was forced to survive the impasse, YunOS also became a lot of brands continue to live the last straw.

and to say that small mobile phone brands want to get anything from Ali, we might as well take a look at the YunOS and several mobile phone manufacturers cooperation model.

Meizu mode. Ali 3 billion 600 million shares Meizu, in exchange for cooperation opportunities for YunOS, also open the door to enter the mainstream mobile phone brand YunOS. In the mode of cooperation, Meizu early choice is based on YunOS development Flyme, and in four Charm Blue and Charm Blue Note mobile phone confirmed the feasibility of this model. I remember the person in charge of Flyme Yang Yanceng evaluation of cooperation with YunOS: Based on the development of Android, is used to make their own cake cake hard cake. Based on the development of YunOS, you can put forward the shape of the circle and the demands of the YunOS team will fully support and optimize the two more closely, more interactive". Google stepped up in the case of Android control, Meizu and YunOS cooperation is undoubtedly a successful attempt. The emergence of charm blue metal confirmed the feasibility of cooperation, that is, the YunOS team joint mobile phone manufacturers to make use of Ali’s electricity supplier genes to create explosive products. From the results of this year’s eleven double sales point of view, the first to break the blue magic metal billion sales, Meizu Tmall flagship store has become the top of the list of the three. It is foreseeable that in the near future, there will be more mainstream mobile phone brands choose Meizu mode and YunOS win.

followed by system pre installed. It can be said that in 2015, many mobile phone brands choose direct pre YunOS mode of cooperation, on the one hand, Ali will subsidize its resources, on the other hand, YunOS solution and channel advantages, greatly reduces the access threshold of mobile phone brand. In addition, YunOS signed ten domestic mobile phone business plan in April this year, after some solutions company YunOS system will be "brush" into the mobile phone motherboard, motherboard and then sold to small mobile phone manufacturers, YunOS relatively good user experience to improve the market system of small brand mobile phone preloaded software too much confusion, chaos.

and then the most recent

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