Micro Amoy O2O beta exposure related maps payment interface open

NetEase Francisco December 6th news, the day before, through the official micro Amoy Forum revealed that talks are part of the line of the traditional retail enterprises and try the O2O project, the basic content of cooperation will include offline drainage, membership management, transaction mechanism, divided into transformation, data mining and other 5. At the same time also revealed that the micro Amoy side in the initial stage of the cooperation of some businesses list, including traditional clothing brands such as Gloria brand underwear brand, food must taste duck neck, Taiwan glasses chain etc.. These brands have hundreds or even thousands of stores online.

it is reported that after the micro Amoy in Hangzhou held a micro Amoy O2O business strategy meeting, the foreign secret recruitment O2O cooperative businesses, just a week attracted nearly a thousand stores under the initiative to contact the cable shop.

reporter learned from the micro Amoy, the basic contents of the O2O cooperation, mainly includes the following five parts: open map interface, help stores more online customers; online marketing interactive offline stores, customer visits, scanning focus on micro Amoy, analyze its consumption, do precision marketing; open membership interface. Unified membership management, based on the network CRM, according to the store, and regional consumption capacity of directional transmit messages; guide into the line of stores to help guide personnel into and commission management, user generated online offline on the buying behavior, corresponding to the stores and shopping guide can also get into; micro Amoy will further open the menu interface, perfect commodity browsing and closed-loop payment, increase the line customer transaction conversion.

micro Amoy aspects revealed that in late December will be the biggest feature of the upcoming revision, will focus on open multi interface to help businesses connect more users. For example, the new micro Amoy will increase membership card interface, electronic membership card will be bound with Taobao, the use of Taobao account as a member identification system, including the establishment of consumption points, members of the exclusive, coupon bearing system.

according to insiders, the current micro Amoy O2O project is still in beta stage, participate in the first test of not more than 10 businesses. Have been identified to participate in closed beta including clothing brand GXG, brand underwear brand Gloria, Hong Ying, and food brand Juewei duck neck, Taiwan glasses chain store and other businesses.


of traditional brands, O2O still has many problems to be solved, such as how to manage the line of members, how to complete the membership marketing and communication channels to consumers through precipitation data value……

participate in closed beta Hong Ying brand responsible person said, through micro Amoy platform online and offline interaction, can bring new and old customers to focus a lot of Gloria promotion head Guoyan said, enter the micro Amoy a month, the number of fans accumulated is equivalent to 100 stores under the line do count, one year old accumulation customer and shop online guide transactions are gradually rising. The Juewei duck neck with just 400 stores, online early adopters, users can receive official micro Amoy coupons, and to store the line, just a few days attracted 540 thousand chowhound fans.

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