nternet P address is expected to be allowed to trade

face may be exhausted in 2010 the Internet IP address resources, the open policy meeting of the Asia Pacific Network Information Center yesterday in Beijing (APNIC) formally discussed the open IP address the issue of the sale, or it will promote a new market.

currently has two distinct views on the IP address. One view, IP address trading can make a reasonable allocation of resources, while the other side of the view that this will increase the cost of access to IP addresses.

the current corporate agencies from the ISP (Internet service providers) to obtain the IP address is generally packaged together with bandwidth rental, on average, a few cents a. And if you apply for a separate IP address, the cost will be as high as a few hundred dollars. "If the sale of open IP address, the price will be entirely determined by market supply and demand." China Internet Center experts told reporters.

according to informed sources, the current transfer and sale of private IP address already exists. The issue was discussed in order to standardize the sale.

actually, "Chinese IP addresses will be exhausted in two years, the new Internet users on the network can" point of view is not sensational. Vice president, said the Internet based network of experts China Academy of Engineering academician Wu Hequan, at present nearly 3 users share a single IP address to 2010 may face IP address depletion, affect the access speed of Internet users.

therefore, if the IP address is open for sale, or will alleviate the problem to some extent, or even create a new business market.


                                                    what should we do before the exhaustion of IP address?

                                                    experts say the IP address is fast with optical network congestion for two years after the fear of a normal


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