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China’s contemporary university education almost ruined the hope of the Internet

had seen the famous industry commentators Mr. Liu Huafang, the Chinese University of the Internet little contribution, a text, deep emotion. As a college dropout from the career IT practitioners, I think the current university computer education not only contribute little to the Internet, seriously speaking, is a step by step to destroy the Internet’s hope.

China’s most beautiful female website owners

with the popularity of the Internet, the website is no longer the darling of the market, every day there are tens of thousands of websites being done, there are also many people give up their own websites! Then these players are male compatriots, girls are afraid to get involved in the investment in this area, after all, women pay more attention to the investment industry


Wang Tong: Alibaba B2B is bound to decline

B2B at the end of 2007, Alibaba in the stock market speculation bubble expansion in its business, the largest peak moment, the smart choice to create a stock market listing, Softbank myth, the success of cash, Ma is more beautiful, the government of Hangzhou to engage in a statue of ma let it become true idol. But in the past six months, Alibaba stock prices fell from the highest 41.80 to the current 9.4, so Ma Yun internal mail called Alibaba ready for the winter. This decision is not MA in the show, is the choice after sober analysis, because the website of Alibaba from now began to decline is inevitable, why


depth thinking: what are the great

and webmasters

for grassroots webmaster, the basic are the laggards and webmaster nets as grassroots webmaster successful model, and the fish and the king as a grassroots webmaster "take the lead"". Indeed, the laggards and webmaster network to give us a lot of grassroots webmaster worth learning things, but also for our grassroots Adsense won the "group webmaster" respect.

grass fly tedious Links check simple

interview guests Webmaster: caoshangfei, born in 81 years, 03 years, graduated from the Southwest Jiao Tong University Department of applied mathematics. After graduating from a private software company, was involved in the development of educational life network, Aden network. The company mainly used ASP language development project, as a project manager. 07 years in a Hongkong Pharmaceutical Group as IT Department manager.

90 poor webmaster Guo Yujiao’s life

I may not like the thousands on thousands of I have no money, a webmaster, I do not have their own space, do not have their own database, more miserable is not belong to his own house, to rent a 30 square meters of houses, still in debt, I am poor, mix 2 years the Internet didn’t become a "the rich". Because I am very poor, I can not afford to buy COM domain name, but can not afford to buy space and database. Can only rely on the Internet to provide some free space and database to maintain their own network >

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