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1 Amazon sellers sell pirated books for the third party: the sale of pirated copies of nearly one thousand copies of the book


third party platform sales of pirated books, this not only allows the reader to accept, so many publishers also feel a little disappointed.

and behind the incident, revealed that Amazon’s third party platform in the access and operation of the regulatory issues.

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2 interpretation of and Dangdang valuation gap behind the logic

listed in 2010 the old electricity supplier, once valued at more than $2 billion 500 million, now only $430 million; last year listed, from less than $300 million valuation, at an alarming rate climbed to 1 billion 850 million. Why the gap between the two companies valuation is more and more big, the market in the end there is no wrong Mr.


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3 Google is no longer just search engine big data will take over human life

U.S. technology blog BusinessInsider wrote on Saturday, Google launched a series of products in the I/O developer conference that the company is no longer an ordinary search company, but with the help of omnipresent products various data mining, gradually taking over people’s lives.

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4 Mito CEO Wu Xinhong: About Mito phone, you want more

hey, you think too much. We don’t want to do, not to subvert the entrance, we just want to make a call to the self artifact only! A ten Taiwan will be able to make money, Cai Wensheng didn’t want to be

Cai booth!

May 16 Japan tuxiuxiu released the MeituKiss mobile phone market after the dispute on the beauties mobile phone is mainly, why do mobile phone software vendors? What do mobile phone? Want to make

much movement?

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5 Qihoo 360 first quarter revenue increased 59% yoy net profit fell 60%

Beijing time on May 20th morning news, Qihoo 36>

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