Why do birds and birds hurt each other Eagle shaped unmanned aerial vehicle Robird to scare off the

remember Tom · Hanks starred in the movie "Captain Sally" the landing of the plane? The story is from a group of aircraft from Canada geese began to crash. This "attack" results obviously: Brent die, aircraft engine flameout. Of course, this story is mainly about how to deal with the survival crisis.

birds around the airport will bring about a fatal threat to the landing of the aircraft, so when you hear the airport may not be surprised to spend a large sum of money to drive around the airport bird news. Holland Clear Flight Solutions company launched a Robird Eagle shaped UAV, it simulates the flight of birds, the birds wings off around the airport.

general, airport, harvest orchard and other birds by interference places will employ experienced falconer, they will be trained in the air and the eagle in the specified area of prey. Clear Flight Solutions developed by the Robird can achieve the same effect, but is remote control, and do not need to feed.


Robird, an engineer Wessel Straatman told us: "the work of the product is actually very simple. Other birds know birds of prey bird will designate its own airspace, so when Robird in a regional flight, other birds would be dangerous and conscious because they leave the area. In this way, the airport’s interference with birds is solved – at least for a while."

Robird is designed to imitate the raptor. It is like a real bird of prey by flapping its wings and fly, by the tail control direction, and even be able to glide through the air. This is because it is equipped with a guide, not only to determine the direction of the birds can also simulate the mode of predation, thereby expelling birds.

"we can according to the needs of the birds to drive anywhere, this is a bit like the shepherd driving his flock," the company’s operations manager Rrobert Jonker said, "the drone operation is very good."

in the past 15 years, the company has been in the field of wing UAV research, mainly in Holland product testing. But now, they decided to push the product to the world.

service model

Robird is a 3D printing and manual assembly of unmanned aerial vehicles, Straatman said: we do not intend to sell Robird as a commodity, but to provide customers with this service." The specific cost of the service and pricing models are not announced to the outside world.

Jonker explained: "each task is not the same"

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