360 and swim long network break up or merger perfect game media 178

"Introduction to]2012 in January 9th, the Qihoo 360 announced and travel long network joint venture, the Qihoo 360 holding 80%

Tencent technology Lou pool reported on October 31st

yesterday afternoon, 360 tour long (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. announced the official name of the tour for a long time (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and strategic adjustment and layout of the business. According to travel a long time insiders revealed that the tour has been repurchased 360 shares of management, from the 360 system. According to sources, 360 lost after a long tour, will take over the perfect world’s 178.com as a supplement to the game business.

According to the

long tour announced that the tour for a long time have the following three core business in the future: a wholly-owned acquisitions Tour Information Technology Co. Ltd. will be dragon Mobile Games business as the core; long travel network will strengthen the game information portal status, "consonance one finger" and "easy to play" to create the authority of Mobile Games media; at the same time continue to strengthen the depth of operations PC end game operation, covering the traditional end of the tour and Webpage Game field.

industry insiders said that the tour has long been the source of several independent game media industry changes. Unlike other vertical media and overseas game media business, the domestic game media can often with web games this market direct traffic into revenue, from 360 to 360 and a long tour from perfect for the same consideration may also be given 178.

January 9, 2012, the Qihoo 360 announced and travel long network joint venture, while its 360 safe software stripping and travel long network restructuring, 360 long tour company was founded after the integration of the Qihoo 360 holding 80%.

swim for a long time or due to the impact of the development of 360 and break up

media said, in a long tour founder Liu Liang dominated the tour for a long time the operations team has repurchased 360 holdings of 80% shares, but in a statement after a long tour of the marketing department confirmed, clearly indicate the shares held by the 360 day long tour team has become part of the repurchase of Qihoo 360, the team holding party "thus, the 360 still holds the tour for a long era (Beijing) Technology Co., part of the shares of the company. At present, the attribution of the 360 safe deposit is still unknown, as of press time, the 360 still continue to fill the tank for a long time to swim the channel content.

It is noted that

made it clear that in the long tour officially confirmed this, "Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog) has repeatedly declared in public: 360 do not do the game development, transport, and swim 360 years as a Qihoo 360 in 2012 and travel long network integrating group was established, mainly focus on the field of online games company… But because… And Qihoo 360 company to flex its muscles in the field of game development."

the article also disclosed that in August of this year, the 360 long tour agent of the world’s first female body DOTA hand travel, the goddess of the knife tower promotion

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