996 into the nternet industry unspoken rules no overtime

current Internet industry boom into the trough. After the decline of the economic situation is not good in the business situation, enterprises need to do is to tighten their belts for the winter. Direct layoffs is not good, the use of 996, 10, 10, 6 and other ways to increase the efficiency of the program with no extra cost, so that the staff can not stand the low competitiveness of their own, but it is a way".

After 996

, working on 58 companies recently, frequent network Internet Co to encourage employees to work overtime, even voluntarily give up paid annual leave, the Spring Festival, National Day holidays to call such revelations. In fact, according to BYD reporter learned that the Internet Co to encourage employees to work overtime, even forced to work overtime has become routine, especially continuous working in a start-up situation more common. Analysts believe that Internet Co overtime or more industry downturn reflects.


58 city "996" system denounced

last week, the 58 city broke the full implementation of "996" working system, CEO Yao Jinbo denounced by the staff. "996" is the working hours of employees to work as early as 9 to late at night, the day of the week for 6 days. Allegedly, 58 companies require employees to implement the work of the 996, can not leave, and there is no subsidy and overtime. In addition, the company issued the notice and no formal notification of the mail, but the human sector verbal notice. 58 responded that the mobilization of the routine is 996, because of the large traffic in 9 and October. Different from what employees call mandatory, 58 means that 996 is not mandatory.

subsequently, the wave of Ji’nan group from the inside of the Endeavour application has sparked heated debate. The Endeavour plan requires staff to voluntarily work 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, voluntarily give up all paid annual leave, voluntary non mandatory overtime. Not only that, "Endeavour" but also in the Spring Festival, national day and other holidays without overtime, call. This "996" enhanced edition once again sparked a discussion on the working system of Internet practitioners.


overtime is the Internet industry unspoken rules

in fact, the 996 argument is not the first of the 58 companies. Prior to this, there are a number of Internet Co to implement the work of some departments. According to BYD reporter survey found that, in the Internet industry, most employees work a day time in 10 hours, software development and other core departments work overtime is most serious, "996" or "10, 10, 6" is the new project launch, homely food, meet the system update status, almost all in the global company. Non core functions is a bit better, but can do "work on time" is scanty.

in the survey, including Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, 360, millet, drops and other large Internet Co, many employees have said, often overtime". One employee said the company provides 10 points to work 6>

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