Zhang Nan the speed of the site planning operation

order to improve the site’s conversion rate, the most important, but also the most basic indicator is the speed. The biggest user experience of Internet products is: speed, also referred to speed. So in the site planning stage as much as possible to allow users faster, more efficient. Also need to talk about the speed of Web site operations strategy. Zhang Nan talk about several common speed essentials.

first. Open the page speed must be fast

many data studies have confirmed that the user experience in the site open time is less than 2 seconds. The maximum waiting time of the user’s tolerance is between 6 and 8 seconds. That is to say, 8 seconds is a boundary value, if your site open speed in 8 seconds or more, then the user will feel bored, most visitors will eventually be away from you. However, if the site is able to display a feedback message to a user, such as a progress bar, while waiting for the load, the user will be able to stand up to 38 seconds. So no matter how to use all methods to improve the speed of the web page. How to improve the speed of web pages?

(1) to strengthen the hardware conditions: the need to increase the operating costs of the site, but in some ways it is necessary. The greater the investment, the greater the return.

(2) to your web page to lose weight: why TABLE tags will be replaced by DIV+CSS, the main reason is to reduce the size of the page. Do not use too much pictures and FLASH files, to further optimize the web page code.

(3): the reasonable page layout in Web site planning is very important in the layout, not what all put up, targeted, targeted for page layout, the layout is not too loud, because it will increase the burden of the webpage.

(4) web page static: static pages are always benefits, the page will greatly reduce the number of static server requests, but also reduce the pressure on the database load. Will be the main home page, two column page, details page and so do static, will also improve the speed of the site.

(5) page reference file Optimization: use CSS/JS instead of external references. And the CSS reference file on the top of the site, the JS reference file, including statistics on the bottom of the page, but also a good way to improve the web page.

can be seen from the above, the above page method for SEO is also quite good.

second. Accelerated user time

to speed up the user time, is to allow users to visit your site, found time flies too fast. In other words is to increase the site users stay time. When we do something interesting, we always forget the time. So to speed up the user’s time, the better you sell the site. How to improve user viscosity?

(1) key points are: let the user’s time to speed up, first of all, the most important is the content, power >

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