2006 2007 the 30 most concerned about the start up companies VC baked

Looking for the benchmark of China’s new economic growth in 2006 -2007 the 30 most concerned about the VC venture

The main business of

: Thunder download software providers; video software content aggregation operators; profit through digital distribution and network advertising.

industry status: player software Chinese first, market coverage rate of about 60%; domestic software ranked Tencent and thunder, third

mainone service in each stage of informatization construction of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide China: website construction, Internet based enterprise promotion for the enterprise instant messaging system, network application service (personnel management system, video conferencing, customer relationship management, sales management system……) Enterprise information solutions.

industry status: third main competitors: Alibaba.

by Oriental Standard in 19 city Chinese domestic talent training and recruitment network for the enterprise to provide the IT talent supply overall solution: the service mode for enterprise custom culture and the recruitment of agents to recruit talent, technology and talent through the psychological characteristics of leading evaluation method for rapid screening of job seekers.

In order to meet the

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