Social network marketing two characteristics of domestic social networking sites top


social network marketing (two)

characteristics of domestic social networking sites (top)

It’s been two months since

published an article on it. I am very sorry, has been busy with a product of the transformation of the park. A product in the first half of the park has to do manual, but because of the relationship between the concept of other shareholders, more time is doing gifts.

and in fact, a product of the original intention of the establishment of the park is to create a well-known domestic hand site, to allow faster and better development of the handicraft industry in the country. So in the past period of time to focus on a product of the center of gravity shifted from the gift to the manual.

for a product is a manual exchange platform and manual excellent works trading platform such features, we naturally think of the social network marketing as our network marketing of the top priority. Because, if you go to a park to see the goods, you will find that a lot of excellent works on Bo handmade people are too beautiful too good-looking, even handmade users told us, "your website is very fun, beauty is much better than". These beautiful things, very suitable for social networking sites, that is, social networking sites in the dissemination and promotion. After all, the majority of people, whether it is the beauty of the girls or boys will lie, love beautiful things, once you see the good things you want to share with friends. So we have a lot of time to spend a lot of time to study the marketing team of domestic social networking sites. Of course, due to the depth of our observation angle and capacity constraints, may make you feel up is not good enough, but with the spirit of sharing, we a Bo marketing team, or brave enough to think we see up to something for everyone to share.

domestic social networking sites have these: Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, QQ space, friends network, watercress, happy net, Renren, Baidu post bar, Baidu space.

then we’ll follow you to analyze and summarize.

first, Sina, micro-blog, which is currently the most widely involved in a wide range of users, to attract the most extensive social platform.

here, we can see celebrities, Jinling, white-collar workers, students, housewives and so on every kind of Internet users. So in the scope of such a large user, Sina, micro-blog is also hiding a lot of goods parked target user groups, such as literary youth, small fresh, handmade enthusiasts, like creative people. As far as we know, in the Sina micro-blog users, to make their own literary youth label at least more than 10 thousand; and to hand on the manual label, there are tens of thousands of names. So in Sina, micro-blog, we can find a lot of handmade crafts like manual, creative, like the personality of the target user.

and Sina micro-blog has a very important feature is its media properties. A lot of social hot spots are from Sina

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