Scientific management managerial decision theory

what is the theory of management decision making is the basis for making decisions in management. While many startups toss farce phenomenon, is the management decision-making weak results, if the basic make sense, some "Tuition" is not to be handed in, some detours do not necessarily have to go, even the successful position could have been more beautiful. Here are a few management decisions in the blind area:


KPI service object:

a lot of start-up companies, and even to the C round D round stage, have not yet established a complete KPI system. The main reason is that some founders have been relatively busy, think of a way that came, did not keep pace with the times in thinking, do not think this is a very important thing; and some is the founder before the lack of standardized occupation experience, and even their own is the enterprise KPI system under the "victims", and micro-blog the circle of friends of various anti KPI management of Chicken Soup for the theoretical basis as they do not support; and part of the implementation of the KPI system of the enterprise, but also because the KPI design is not adequately considered and the implementation is not completely useless, resulting in KPI.

here I don’t want to talk about should set KPI, set KPI the enterprise may have seemed for a moment, looks good, but it is only due to the market to eat dividends are pushing high growth potential, or a waste of money can melt ass hide, lack of management. Once the bonus and the potential energy is gone, will melt a lot of money can not continue to waste, to test the strength of the daily management of time, various problems and contradictions of the yaoezi hide.

what time should start setting KPI? The last chapter we talked about the team and the gang, I think the stage from 0 to 1, the enterprise management team, we should implement the whole company KPI system. Then we look at the main, in the design of a complete set of KPI, you need to pay attention to avoid a few pits:

first, all departmental KPI must unconditionally obey the company KPI. Because the Department between KPI may be in conflict with each other, for example, some departments and some departments responsible for income support payments sector may bring additional costs to support sales because of certain loss such as this time, the support departments fail to complete their KPI to reduce the loss, and deliberately impact on sales support.

because the income belongs to the company, is in the income to feed the whole company, is the first index not bargaining, in this case, must be to meet the extra cost premise first index down optimized, instead of your ass but regardless of the whole company job. In other words, the reason why you set this cost control targets, is required in the case of sales to reflect the level of your professionalism, if not the cost of sales did not happen, it is easy for you to complete the KPI ah.

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