Youtube has a network of 7 million 500 thousand fans to share the profit model and industry changes

YouTube net red how to make money?


Eva Gutowski

when the 22 year old Eva Gutowski began to release homemade video in YouTube, the news professional college students just want to accumulate more multimedia experience. She has never thought that I can pass the YouTube and.

in less than five years, Gutowski YouTube channel MyLifeAsEva has more than 7 million 500 thousand subscribers. Now, she has an autobiography, and Emmy Award winner Rhea Perlman has a new TV show will be broadcast on YouTube’s pay channel.

in fact, Gutowski is not the only idol by YouTube red earthshaking "". YouTube has made a lot of similar nets, their annual income of more than $15 million, and gradually began to show in Netflix and HBO’s big show.

day before, in an interview with Business Insider, Gutowski shared her as the YouTube star experience and development prospects, and how she was from the hitherto unknown business model to earn pours.

$20 dinner

when she was a college student beauty blogger, Gutowski first realized the powerful YouTube platform. At first, her videos were published in order to match her blog post. Before long, Gutowski found that the amount of video hits far exceeded the amount of reading her blog, so she gave up the blog, began to specialize in their own YouTube channel.

subscriptions her channel has been soaring, but Gutowski said her first check from YouTube get only $20.

"at least I can take this money for a good meal." Gutowski’s idea was very simple.

didn’t really realize the commercial value of Gutowski until it was signed with a company that specializes in YouTube channel YouTube. She got more and more money from YouTube, so she started thinking seriously about becoming a full-time anchor.

YouTube, however, is just the beginning of her career.

360 degree perspective

social media itself continues to evolve and change also affects the Gutowski strategy. Now, as the network reds, she needs to do is not only to increase the subscription amount of YouTube, but to appear in more places, enhance their own reputation. ">

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