[A5 webmaster] Amoy home at the end of the YY exchange 2015 nternet industry trends discussion


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YY topics: http://s.www.taozhijia.com/zt/2014yy/

A5 webmaster network & Amoy home at the end of 2014 YY lectures, 2015 Internet industry trends will be on the evening of December 30, 2014 at 8 points, YY channel in the.

the A5 webmaster network interactive invited Wang, Lu Songsong from the media, the electricity supplier analyst Yang Bo and other guests to wood, wood ants, around 2015, the Internet industry trend analysis "," how to build their own brand "," new trend of business "," mobile Internet breakthrough and profit ", four sub perspective in 2015, the opportunities and challenges.

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: King A5 webmaster network founder, Chinese Internet "hardcore" webmaster, fifteen years of Internet experience, known as the most loyal personal webmaster.

Lu Songsong: famous IT blogger, since the media, was named the top 100 from the media and IT blog 50 strong, founded one of the largest independent blog visits.


wood (WeChat atmuting), business mentor former Taobao University, sent on behalf of lecturer, media, business practitioners 10 years, once hailun men, milk powder, outdoor sports and other multi category 1.

Yang Bo: founder of mumayi. Mumayi community was founded in 2011, September 2012 mumayi downloads in a single day breaking 12 million times, June 2014 Mobile Games mumayi Center Transport games for more than 1000 months of water break 30 million yuan.

lecture surprise:

fight character grab thousands of dollars of red envelopes (River quietly revealed, grab WeChat red envelopes ahead of attention a5tangshijun, red Tang boss hair oh)

home New Year gift

real Amoy

Baidu bar Post Bar table



/ guest Wangzhuan

lecture time: December 30, 2014 at 8

YY channel: 96009188

Amoy home QQ group: 424745774

we must not miss the end of the year, oh, the opportunity, the project may be produced in the night oh.


YY exchange meeting interpretation: http://s.www.admin5.net/thread-15642304-1-1.html

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