Video sharing when to start profitable tanks

potatoes and my music network, the user experience is still ranked first.

idol light is gradually dispersed. In addition to selling a good price, YouTube seems to have no more to give colleagues more example force. Even if every day was viewed more than one hundred million times, covering the national 1/3 Internet users, YouTube still cannot be effectively this terrible traffic into cash.


"this line of financial pressure is very large, do not continue to get before several on investment, to continue product and improve the user experience, resulting in the loss of users into a vicious spiral." I music network CEO Zhou Juan tone relaxed and calm.

I music network officially launched in October 2005. At the beginning of 2007, my music network won the Steamboat Ventures investment institutions owned by tycoon Disney (Si Wei investment) and the United States SIG (Heiner Asian venture capital fund) the first round of investment of millions of dollars level.

previously, the six rooms in November 2006 ushered in the second round of investment. In the face of financing, the six room CEO: "Liu Yan is very low-key financing after the success, many of my colleagues feel relieved, proposed to go out to dinner to celebrate, I didn’t agree, because it is not what the financing performance."

is just as lucky as the potato net. April 2007, Tudou won today’s capital and General Catalyst Partners, a total of $19 million in the third round of investment. "The industry will in fact row seating early, can only say that it is no more advantages." CEO Wang Wei said that these into a real website that has got into the next round of competition qualification.

content bottleneck

content has always been an important reason for the video sharing site embarrassing situation. There has been an investigation shows that the content of the current video sharing site coincidence of up to 70% to 80%. Not only that, in the popular video, erotic violence, vulgar content to occupy a considerable proportion, whether it is "cat", "Zhang Yu" or the recent "shame division" video, the video site in the moral crisis.

current Chinese users of the original video quality can not be compared with Europe and the United states." Liu Yan said, I think we should come up with a mechanism to try to inspire some of the quality of the work out, I believe in the country such as Hu Ge creative people will be more and more." Six rooms in June 2007 launched a million original fund to attract high-quality original content.

in the final analysis, video sharing sites rely mainly on UGC (User Generated Contents, the user generated content), in cooperation with the agency also need long-term exploration of the producers. Currently limited to the length and size of the micro video, can be suitable for the copyright of the short film

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