New sites do not have high flow SEO

first described below, the following methods are not suitable for SEO’s method is purely physical activity to improve their own traffic, SEO experts do not have to look down, nonsense not to say, went straight to the theme.

1, special forum posting


said the forum posting type strange, if you don’t want to send some weird, not easily deleted by the administrator or the quality of the post, it is useless to you, I’ll give you a few examples I don’t want to say, for example, you do is entertainment website, you went to some of the more famous website to send some of the new science fiction film, a new website I do is the movie website to release the thunder in the forum, there are several advantages released there, where you can send pictures, pictures can take super connection, give you a sample of it, if you want to promote the website address is then write code [url=http://s. to your website address you][img]http://s. pictures address.Jpg[/img][/url] this code although everyone knows but no Tim thunder movie Forum With the connection place, I was also wondering, a person with a beautiful pictures, beauty has started an arrow on the body, said Click to enter, I will enter the picture of a website hyperlink, then I also sent a picture but how I can’t add connection he put this code copy out analysis, the original is so, I said that we all understand it, is to send you some can let a person see the pictures you sent, can let him, as long as he would enter your website, we achieved. Of course, if he enters your website, the average person will shut down, then we will try to let him in, could not walk, you picture the address of the connection you put a fire in the film, such as the new science fiction film, or is related to MM Good movie, then he can come here around, there is a high hit rate is now the new film is good, 08 new adventure action movie "2012 doomsday" online watch [] jumper [08 latest North American science fiction action box office champion], the Yangtze River No. seven online watch or then fire it, you can send some of the most large fire the latest title to write 08 years XXX HD movie online watch, and then use the method above my picture with a hyperlink to the film pictures posted up the introduction and what will be the story starring write some of the details, and then put your website address to write directly to the corresponding film up, let a person can enter your website, try to make people believe that your website is not to see you easily recklessly, generally if there are 500 people watching you can post, 400 Many people into your website to see, send this post audit at the rate of 98%, but you don’t send too frequently, in my experience generally issued 5 such posts, the account you temporarily today do not send, or the administrator will delete all your posts.

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