Tmall international enable new domain name global tmall com

According to

news, the international day before Tmall opened a new domain name, while the old domain name is still in use in

it is understood that Tmall international is a Alibaba group in February 2014 launched the import business website, mainly imported goods overseas, covering beauty, health food, baby supplies, shoes, digital five categories, Hongkong’s second largest cosmetics group, Taiwan’s largest Bonjour network TV shopping channel selection, Eastern Japan’s largest health care products B2C site Kenko scouring the sea platform in succession in the above set up overseas flagship store, currently Tmall more than 140 stores.

Analysis of

industry, belongs to Tmall’s two level domain name, Tmall international, while retaining the independent domain name and Tmall international two level domain name, marking the short term Tmall international will also double identity as Tmall’s web presence and independent sub channels.

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