Ma Yun strategic layout to create e commerce chain

Alibaba ten years after the end of the industry’s global e-commerce leader, did not seem to stop to rest. The new extension strategy, maintain a consistent style of Ma, is a strong spread.

September 28th, Alibaba Network Limited company announcement, reached an equity investment agreement with China million net has, Alibaba will pay 540 million yuan in cash, the two get Chinese million net equity.

this is also since November 2007, after the listing of Alibaba in Hongkong, involving the largest single investment projects. Alibaba said that through this strategic investment, the Alibaba will be able to play China network services on the Internet based field advantage.

"our goal is to solve the sales, management and financial problems through technical upgrading to customers, so that customers can easily, anytime, anywhere to do business." Alibaba chief executive, said, "this investment can expand our customer base and learn the technology and application of more good to help achieve our vision."

Analysis shows that the

market, China million net leading position in Internet based service industry is very obvious, as the entrance of small business e-commerce services, the domain name service, host service, e-mail, website construction, in the industrial layout, customer base, technical status and other aspects of have the advantage.

"Chinese million net and we are strategic combination of network centralized services for small and medium-sized enterprises, consistent with the vision of Alibaba. I believe that the network brings synergies with our new products and services will be complementary, which will accelerate the strategic transformation of the Alibaba at Alibaba platform from””meet to””work "at Alibaba"." Wei Zhe judgment.

Analysis shows that the

market, China million net will become a Alibaba in the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce industry chain an important distribution and favorable extension. The investment China million net, with Alibaba on the settlement of IT of small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to solve the difficult for SMEs to survive, development and financing difficulty overall strategic layout problem.

The realization of the strategic layout of the

investment casting

Chinese civilink is the industry’s leading Internet based service providers, domain name services, hosting services range from basic; e-mail, website construction, network marketing, voice communications and other applications; and high-end enterprise e-commerce solutions and consulting services,, and other well-known website.

"in the Alibaba’s vision, we will help them provide e-commerce infrastructure services to clients, to help Alibaba strategic layout more effective towards””work at Alibaba."." Chinese civilink founder, President and chief executive officer Zhang Xiangdong said foreign.

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