Ali CEO Zhang Yong took office a month of reflection e commerce will disappear in the future

tiger sniffing note: a month ago (May 7th), Alibaba group announced the appointment of Zhang Yong (Xiaoyao) for the group CEO, to replace the work of Lu Zhaoxi. The new post office after this month, Zhang Yong began to visit the traditional brand line, realize business transformation, the singularity is near, a strong frontier traditional retail industry has begun to gradually blurred, and the existing business and commercial system will subvert the new technology. The author of this article, Zhang Yong, the original title Ali CEO Zhang Yong: business near the singularity of change, tiger sniffing made delete.

text / Zhang Yong

over the past month, I have been running a number of businesses and partners across the country, from the local clothing brand to Europe and the United States brand, from a long line of people in the first line of import and export to Taobao small sellers. One of the most common words they hear from their mouths is: change. The economic landscape is changing, the business environment is changing, the customer is changing, the tools are changing, these will push even forced companies to do business has undergone profound changes. In the past, we have been talking about the Internet, the business will change.

today, I have no exaggeration to say that the change is in sight, the singularity of business change is approaching.

future economy is a combination of the real economy and the digital economy, which is the consensus of the whole society. All of the business will become electronic business, will use the Internet tools, combined with big data and cloud computing. At the same time, e-commerce itself is changing. In the past, open a shop on the Internet, have an order to sell a commodity, called e-commerce. Today is completely different, and I even think, e-commerce four words will disappear in the future, the electronic business will be replaced. This is a complete reconstruction of the four core areas of the business – to reshape the supply chain, reshape consumer marketing, reshape enterprise information, reshape organizational structure.

is the first supply chain, the past unthinkable things will happen: online open a shop, is no longer the sellers, but to drive the transformation and upgrading of the entire enterprise. While consumers will be deeply involved in the process of product customization, the brand will no longer rely on traditional channels, they will increasingly have the ability to retail, pull the chain behind the manufacturing supply chain will be more flexible.

traditional channels if you want to continue to prosper, must deepen the brand service, even with lots of gold stores, also must reach the user, even the depth of operations of goods, or just rent price. Department stores in the past, many times even the user who is not clear. The logistics companies will play a role in the supply chain, improve the efficiency of enterprises. Traditional retail industry has begun to gradually strengthen the border blurred.

followed by consumer marketing. I think the future of marketing will be digital marketing. Now, even the most simple thirty second TV ads, but also to put a two-dimensional code, which means behind it?. Today, on the platform of Ali, there are 350 million active buyers in the past 12 months, it’s hard for you to define them

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