The Taobao business customers to win the details of the real test of a deal

such as millet, in reality not eloquent stores should be few? To sell online, without face-to-face communication with customers, the eloquence is not good or thin skinned people is worth laughing things.

if they deliberately avoid close communication with customers, it is completely mistaken! Shop than the store more difficult to reach a deal, so we must be more communication than in reality, know more police made more strain, the ability of the customer’s psychology, more in play the power of words.

bluntly, you must do a good actor". To do this, you must have the experience of online shopping. Millet many online shopping, most sellers are very good, also encountered a bad attitude, merchants selling fake, no need so pessimistic, they complain, let us learn a lot, for example, know what kind of words will cause customer resentment, also know the consequences of selling fake goods is short-lived business. This is a valuable experience.

at the same time, even if you usually particularly introverted personality, wordless, expression is monotonous, in communicating with customers also must mobilize the body’s nerves, let yourself up, into the "speech" role, let them take you as an affinity, persuasion, trust and execution people.

a, affinity

we all know, what kind of people do you like to talk to?. The so-called love is not to say that all over the country from east to west. Pull off the reel, say a word you endless, each other back a few words, put the unpleasant and difficult questions, you pretend not to see. Instead, it should be said to be able to show their enthusiasm and excitement, so that the other person feel you are talking to him with a smile. Here are a few examples:

1, when people take the initiative to say hello, whether or not to buy things, must be considered as is your elegant, somebody, you will help people, so be politely greeting, such as "pro, Hello! I’m millet, what can I do for you?" then, with a friendly expression, such as "small", "smile", "shake hands" etc..

2, if the other party said to see your post or shop, you want to talk about any substantive content, first say, "thank you for the support of millet," and so on, plus a cute point of expression. And then the fastest speed to collect each other’s shops, screenshots to each other to see.

3, when you are typing to each other, we must truly mouth smile, your word play sound read out, as if the other person is in front of you, you look at the computer screen is not, but is not a keyboard, a smile to live in front of you alive so that you can truly express the feelings of each other, also can have the induction, will feel the image of your smile. If you think this is too difficult, if you do not know each other’s gender, age, you can imagine the other side of your favorite

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