How to build and shape the brand’s great marketers

of Procter & Gamble’s former marketing director Jim – Si dengge said that the best companies will two types of stories to build a strong and lasting brand. One is the creation of the story, the focus is the company’s entrepreneurial legend; a customer impact story, is about the company’s products, services to people’s lives and the positive impact of change.


a Louisville Slugger baseball bat was born

this is the fifth part of a series of articles written by Jim and Stanger for fortune’s website. Stanger is a former Procter & Gamble (Procter & Gamble) chief marketing officer, is also "growth: how to build the world’s top brands" (Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies) author of the book. In this and the next and final guest article, Jim explores the best practices of the best ideal driven companies, as well as the secret to their success in the competition.

stepped into the warehouse, feeling like a giant in front of the baseball giants.

we went into the temple of Louisville Slugger: there are a variety of baseball stick models, each of which is tailored according to the specifications of a professional player. These models are filled with horizontal display shelves. Schlegel, a vice president of marketing, who took a look at a grid marked with "R43", took down one of them in a pious way. "" "" "said Kell. He whispered: "this is Babe Ruth – (the United States in nineteenth Century 20, in 30s the famous occupation baseball player) all bat template."

legendary Louisville Slugger was born in 1884. According to legend, when a 17 year old baseball fans will be a major league players invited to his father’s carpentry workshop. The Louis Weil eclipse team (now the Louis Weil team) players are at the low occupation career, but also to bat discount. Young players will be in accordance with the specifications Handmade a new bat.

Louisville Slugger brand concept, or brand purpose, is the achievement of great players". It may sound like bragging, but the story about the brand makes it plain. Most of the companies driven by ideas are so. The story will make the concept of life and growth in nature.

The importance of

stories in marketing and management has been a lot of arguments, but played on the role of the story, than in ideal driven companies. They define concepts, give certification and give life. They inspire and guide the application of ideas in practice. They are sure again

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