How to use the 360 talk to achieve more than 300 of WeChat daily powder

today to share a talk about the use of 360 WeChat passive powder.

360, maybe a lot of people haven’t heard of it.

this is just out of the model. I also heard people say that the first two months to know.

we are on the 360 search engine, search some key words, the right side of the page, will come out a similar chat room plate. You can comment on it. This is about 360.

I think it’s an interesting new product. The initial feeling is the feature set instant chat + +sns + Post Bar news thread mode.

talk about the introduction of the time soon, but the popularity has been very busy.

we can talk about the home page, look, there are already more than 1 million topics of the plate. (from the habit of speaking, I call it the plate, officially called the 1 million "talk")

some popular talk about the plate, posting volume has been amazing.

For example,

EXO, Qi Tan, posting volume has reached 5, 6 million. Point to look at the number of online is also very much.

on the Internet, there is a popular place to have the value of marketing.

more and more people in the industry mentioned this thing.

‘s reaction to rapid friends has begun to use this platform to promote the.

some time ago, it was said that he would use this way, adhere to his website to promote more than a month, you can get one thousand or two thousand of the daily visit IP.

for WeChat, this is also a very good platform to attract fans.

, for example, mentioned that the man can get one thousand or two thousand of the number of visitors a day.

because of concern than direct access to WeChat, for users to some trouble. So, even if a discount, we get 300 fans WeChat is ok.

of course, execution is very important. Take time.

if the company or team to build WeChat brand, you can take the time to do a special person, the effect is better.


360, according to the division of the topic plate, basically is the "Birds of a feather flock together.".

and watercress, post bar and other places similar. It is easy to find accurate fans in the corresponding plate.

, for example, you are doing excavator training, want to guide the fans to your WeChat, then you can not talk to Lan Xiang inside, to guide it?

of course it’s just a joke.

no matter what we do in the field of WeChat, in which we find the target group of the topic of the plate, it is easy, and often more than one.

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