Three original articles successfully promote personal blog experience sharing

see article title tiger big heads, and somewhat unrealistic. In fact, I want to say is SEO Blog, to have the spirit of sharing, Bowen must optimize from his own experience, skills and methods to let readers after reading a immediately want to do impulse, that is success. Do not write something unintelligible, foggy, let the reader read little, then return visitors to zero. Now most of the optimization share of the promotion is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, see if we can’t see, sometimes to do optimization bottleneck when. Look at this article sometimes a breakthrough, the so-called wenguerzhixin. China SEO is mostly closed doors, in the stuffy silent money expert, also does not have the time to share the experience with you, as became nowadays also SEO the embarrassed situation.

Seo class blog a lot, I in February 1, 2010, also established a SEO experience sharing class blog. In the construction of the blog, I consider all aspects of the choice of "Pingxiang SEO", "SEO technology" and "SEO tutorial" three key words, as the main keywords. At that time, their website optimization is not much experience, but also can not write anything original. At that time the article is copied over, a week to update 3 articles, occasionally go to the forum do the chain, exchange a few links. This lasted 2 months, SEO technology, SEO tutorials are on the Baidu page second. Pingxiang SEO the word no one to do, has been in Baidu second, a rare day of traffic. Blog snapshot has been maintained for a week or so, because the update is small, the weight is not high, so it is not surprising.

in the past month, in the A5 voted three original articles to share their recent optimization of a station experience. After a lot of reprint, access to a lot of the chain, improve the site’s domain name exposure, but also to bring some traffic. In half a month ago Baidu updated the day before, I want to do excellent, although from the end of the game it was only a month. I also reported to try the mentality, so the title changed. Is in the previous keyword with "bobaiyou" three words, with "X machine" to learn, oh. Baidu update site snapshot second days, one day before the update to change the title, so the excellent update did not come out. I do not worry, because their weight is not high, there is no strong outside the chain, had to continue to wait for the next Thursday update. Also in Baidu update again, blog update. And unexpected harvest is SEO technology, SEO tutorials, all to the first Baidu. The flow is also up, although not excellent rankings, but is not important. So after this discovery, Baidu is not very annoying website to change the title. Just don’t change too frequently changed beyond recognition, to the search engine a feeling of distrust on it. So the appropriate small change the title, told Baidu I have changed, I have to please you. Oh, OK, don’t speak well Bozhuan kazakhstan.

said it is estimated that everyone is confused, to the end of the three did not say that the original success of my blog. The >

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