How do the brand website to learn seowhy four strokes

recently took part in the training of Cardiff, in fact, did not feel very fresh in the learning process, but has been thinking, why seowhy has such a large advertising effect, there is such a big brand. Participated in the training, I believe a lot of people do not immediately become a SEO master, SEO need to learn the system. Participate in training has been with a question, how to come to the seowhy brand, how to make a brand website

1 who wrote the original content?

each site needs to enrich the original content. Many owners are in the original content and worry, and now the original software is also a variety of false, hard to write their own article. Let’s see how seowhy does it. First, there are a large number of husband’s only writing articles, and are very classic, which is the basis for the development of the site, a good article on the invisible played the role of the site soft, but also improve the personal brand. Secondly, the website developed, Cardiff and seowhy each team, and not every day, everyone is very diligent, it mainly plays the leading role, so users do contribution, seowhy correlation, high quality of the original article is produced.

2 high quality of the chain from where?

often said the website needs the contacts, contacts, and the chain of natural Links easier to get some. In the webmaster circle has a certain influence, can also be their own website to get high quality of the chain. You can see only, see Mu Changqing, Cardiff seowhy, Mou Changqing go9go, has been the industry’s first performance in a very short period of time.

some people say that the chain can be bought with money, we can carefully calculate, what the chain can buy a one-time ten thousand, tens of thousands, and in the high weight of the site. Now to buy a PR6 of the chain, but also eighty or ninety. Money hit the chain The loss outweighs the gain.

3 who will promote the website?

is the most powerful users. Know from Baidu to Baidu encyclopedia, or major webmaster forum, we are talking about seowhy, others in the discussion, is to promote the site.

allows users to promote a variety of ways the site. For a permit essay, each article with the chain, to help improve the quality of site contributors; or in training to enable trainees to complete the task, the task with website promotion and relationship, virtually, developed the seowhy, go to the forum posting replies, the trip will produce the number of the chain and forum discussions; and every week, YY training, free training seminars, can also attract a large number of SEO enthusiasts.

What is the most important

4 brand

integrity. Believe that we will not question. There are a lot of training institutions on the Internet, not enough to boast about their own good, but we rarely hear the negative news of seowhy. To remove the negative information to do a good job, we feel that we can do so for a long time the industry can be compared

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