The asymmetry of information to maximize the input output ratio

The benefits of

information asymmetry

a price of one hundred yuan clothes, in the traditional clothing industry, its production costs are often less than $ten. The ten pieces of money include the design cost of the garment, the processing cost of the cloth and the workers, etc.. A rough calculation, this is ninety percent of each clothing business profits.

sometimes, when I buy a product, I often feel that it is not worth the price, but in the end I bought it because I needed it and had to buy it. What is the reason for this is the asymmetry of information.

so-called asymmetric information is that some people have some other people do not have the resources, which caused by the gap in the Internet industry is more obvious, such as Jiang said today a case. He had a software in his hand, and he didn’t know where to find it. Then he has the resources, others do not have, which caused the asymmetry of information. The gap is that people spend a lot of money to buy his hands of the software, and the software in his hand is the effort to come from the Internet phone, almost no production costs.

you run this industry, your customers must not you understand. You’ve been in touch, so you know how much it costs and where to buy it. And your customers don’t know that, and if he buys from you, you’ll get a lot of profit.

a few years ago Taobao do consignment more, consignment is some businesses from the Alibaba or other channels agency others goods, and then release this product in your Taobao store, users buy, businesses put the user’s mail address provided to their superior agent. The user to complete the purchase, the merchant will gain from it, which is a typical information asymmetry. In this example, the merchant has a low purchase channels, customers do not know, so he would have to spend a high price to buy this product from the hands of businesses.

wrong direction, efforts do not necessarily have the results

information asymmetry can really bring huge benefits to businesses, but in many of your competitors are not so easy to use.

this time, your efforts in the introduction of goods and advertising efforts, I hope these can attract more customers, but the results are generally.

wrong direction, efforts do not necessarily have results. At this point you can think about it with your mind. Some businesses are very smart, they first in the user experience and product quality of the foot of the effort, and then through the introduction and promotion of packaging their products. While their sales more than every day, why, because they are not standing on their own perspective, but reverse thinking, their own ideas into the customer, only good quality of products, customers can trust you this product, slowly will love your products, in order to stabilize and increase sales you are.

wrong direction, you do more, product sales

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