Talking about how to use soft and search to do network marketing

marketing is one of the most popular Internet marketing methods, compared with the previous email marketing, blog marketing, a new mode of soft forum mass marketing approach attracts a large number of sales staff’s favorite, and the resulting search engine marketing. These two marketing methods are more useful in the current network marketing, but what are the results of these two methods should be carefully analyzed.

marketing is no stranger to the industry, is to write an article directly or indirectly on their website or product publicity, publicity mode both positive publicity or propaganda can play as long as the side effect of publicity is a good article, its main purpose is to guide the consumption and brand promotion, the ultimate goal is to do publicity for the company, indirect advertising products. For example, the United States Court website: China Merchants stickers, wall stickers to write text, must be affixed to the wall around the merchants to divergent thinking, the best way is to appeal to a specific concept or speak the truth to the fact that consumers into enterprise set "thinking circle", with strong targeted psychological attack quickly realize product sales. Writing can be news, third party forums, interviews, interviews, etc..

search engine marketing is the keyword ranking or jjpm, in the search engine, as long as people according to their own needs to search relevant keywords, such as: wall stickers, your product or web site will appear in the search engine home page. Some natural rankings, and some competitive ranking. But no matter what kind of practice as long as the results are ranked in the front page (home page) is the greater the chance of being clicked, the greater the chance of turnover.

a good article than professional advertising practical, but we must remember that you write wenyiding don’t let people feel that he is seeing an advertisement publicity, to make people look after there is a benefit of feeling, let him look after feeling really good, helpful for yourself help, not reverse, psychological aversion. So even if your soft Wen has established results.

soft Wen marketing and search engine in the Internet gradually become more and more important today, mainly reflected in:

1, brand promotion

this is an extension of the brand and show. When your soft Wen domain name or a unique marker has been cited numerous times, I believe we all remember you, and you are more concerned about, this time you have formed a website with its own independent style. If someone is talking about your product area will then think of your site, this time you have reached the purpose of brand promotion.

2, click rate soared.

because your website may lead to customers in virtually curiosity, some customers will often pay attention to your website and your products, there will be a lot of potential customers in virtually, they are likely to become your future partner.

3, search weight.

in the soft Wen, in addition to the article, or with the editor after communication, can leave a >

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