After 90 ice cream brand Top Cream announced that millions of dollars to get angel financing

positioned in 90 after the ice cream brand TOP Cream, recently completed a million yuan Angel round of financing, the investment side of the Castle Peak capital.


according to Mintel survey data, in 2015 China’s ice cream market has reached over 80 billion yuan retail value. With the increasing spending power of young people, as well as the pursuit of personalized high quality of life, the ice cream market potential will be further released in the next time.

according to the survey, the current domestic ice cream products have added too much chemical essence, pigment, preservatives and other non natural ingredients. More than 90% of domestic manufacturers are using flavor powder. Because of commercial interests, they choose not to use the real thing.

as the founder of Top Cream, a returnees 90 – Kyle found the opportunity. In the quality of the market is in urgent need of improvement, Kyle led his Top Cream team, with enthusiasm began to develop healthy, natural, delicious ice cream for customers. Not only strictly control the material, Top Cream ice cream also has a very good food appearance, diners almost everyone will take, shot put food, and upload to social networking sites or circle of friends, formed the word of mouth of very diffusion. In the consumer upgrade fiery today, he hopes that through Top Cream and the pursuit of fashion, personality of young people together to create a new, belong to the new ice cream culture.

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