Discount incentives to stimulate the market in place to promote the walls of WeChat

wants to bring out the activities of operators of explosion of atmosphere, but how many people can the planning activities very interesting, let users buy happiness within a single? A lot of time, effort, brush a sense of presence, eventually forgotten by users.

discount is an effective activity strategy, but from the income, their input costs are too large, but in fact, as long as the stimulus is in place, can bring a successful marketing results.


how to do the stimulus in place activities

activities can be involved in the threshold, it should not be too high, so that the user can easily participate in the activities of almost no need to think, this is a lot of activities to become the basis of the conditions of the explosion.


such as blue thin letinous edodes explosion models, a team designed a blue letinous edodes pick of the game, the circle of friends who won much fun, participants almost no brains can only move a finger in the low threshold for a time in the circle of friends also set off a burst of waves.

activities to have a clear point of communication, is interesting, hot, or play new, to meet the special needs of the user groups.

At that time the

H5 page first appeared in a comprehensive, novel and interesting, many brands are using this page function maxed circle of friends and other social platforms, but in recent days, people on the H5 page of the curiosity of the increasingly low H5 marketing interface open frequency also began to decline, because of the novelty of this once has become the past tense, want a higher degree of stimulation to the user, you must imagine a more novel way of activities.

Hi site WeChat free easy to use live interactive large screen production tool


on the wall, a web site forum on attendance, punch, and micro-blog on the wall of the successful case of environmental development of the Internet, we can get is a widespread, with the mobile Internet online and offline interaction more direct way.

Hi, news site, sweep the yard sign on the wall, a shake, vote, count the money, and the new development of the lucky draw and shake the red envelope function, all these functions are all free of charge, the most important is that these functions are fit activities play hot developed, with user preferences more close, also represents the activity is half the battle.

short, let users feel interesting, with the topic, but also meet the special user groups (precise user you) the personalized needs of your users, can stimulate the activity has been able to successfully achieve the purpose of marketing.

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