Winter has come to start up companies incubator how the winter

Abstract: without government subsidies, the incubator can only struggle.


I do not know what time from the beginning, now a lot of business incubator in suddenly a "system" is the taste of incubator should not be to help entrepreneurs to complete the business idea of a powerful and unconstrained style


coffee cool


, according to incomplete statistics, since 2015, business incubator called all over the sky has reached hundreds, especially in the north of Guangzhou city such as, or even a business street of the cluster organization. For a time, all kinds of entrepreneurs, investors, entrepreneurs, roadshow, like singing like have in various business cafes have staged, is very lively. However, in the spirit of entrepreneurship like this atmosphere, how many cruel things we do not know these entrepreneurs do?

for entrepreneurs, incubators and venture coffee is the place to nurture entrepreneurial dreams, but a lot of incubators are faced with the problem of their own survival. The main sources of income of the current business incubator are as follows (where I do not want to talk about the so-called profit problem, because I agree that the premise of earnings is the source of income):

1, government subsidies, or to cooperate with the government to do some face job activities, improve government performance but also bring the income for the incubator, simple is the package of government job to do, but the government bargain thing is It is often seen.

2, daily coffee business income, including the sale of coffee drinks, meals, and rental venues, but at least so far these income is not sufficient to support the incubator or cafe itself operation.

3, for entrepreneurial service projects, including technical support and brand support, but how many entrepreneurial team can have the ability or willingness to pay these costs?

4, the investment return is a long-term Star project, but the return cycle is very long, probably before seeing the project return incubator is die first, this is likely to happen.

to sum up, the entrepreneur’s life is not good, the day of the incubator is not better than the days of entrepreneurs go. As seen in a report on a well-known domestic incubator executives interviewed: if the current incubator business situation to find a suitable analogy, then it is cool coffee".

struggling incubator

In fact, the so-called

winter capital is a good thing, because the more the more winter can not suitable for business incubator projects and laicourenao screening. So, whether it is for entrepreneurs or incubators are looking for a way to survive or profit as soon as possible. Some incubators want to be free in the early years

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