On the power of e commerce from the people’s daily to the micro blog queen Chen Yao crisis

Chen Yao can send a message in micro-blog how much power, Chen Yao currently has 19 million 550 thousand fans, it is no wonder that the "people’s Daily" in an editorial internal communication, an editorial lamented, Chen Yao made a joke in the audience than micro-blog, "the people’s daily circulation of nearly seven times more. The speed and scale of the Internet has made the traditional media feel more and more difficult.

looking for celebrity endorsements website, has become one of the important means of marketing a lot of websites. Pioneer consciousness, dare to challenge the traditional, not the same as the road to success of the famous writer Han Han, after a successful endorsement of vancl.com, has been successfully transformed into commercial culture from Han Han Han Han, it is reported that, after Han Han endorsement vancl.com, once VANCL style popular in the network, a network marketing business + culture "classic mode. After the success of Han Han and Eric endorsement, the endorsement of the success of a coffee brand endorsement fees over ten million, which is so far, the writer’s highest endorsement fee, Han Han’s transformation is not due to the strong network in the world.

coincidentally, when more and more audience network video copyright, network video is in the rise, once occupied various TV channel prime time "swordsman" a set of network copyright costs only 2000-3000 yuan, but just the hot broadcast of "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "The Legend of Zhen Huan", a set of network copyright fee is as high as 150 thousand yuan. At present, the video site Youku potatoes Iqiyi, Sohu and other large video video sites are in the purchase of expensive movie copyright, network video gradually beyond the traditional film, by the age of chaos and piracy into the giant battle of the Warring States period.

network marketing is becoming more and more powerful, so the traditional media, more small and medium-sized enterprises, even the grass-roots owners began network electronic business trip to get a space for one person in electronic commerce, marketing means not less, advertising, concessions, celebrity endorsements. However, there are some businesses, media, enterprises suddenly found that compared with the traditional media, on the Internet to get a space for one person, and not how much talent shows itself, will be able to return, even out of proportion, because the electronic commerce in the development of the Internet in less than 20 years, has not been a successful model for reference, this will allow more businesses, enterprises, grassroots have the opportunity to display their own e-commerce, the power is strong, if not the correct marketing means, easily crashed in the sea.

how to make good use of e-commerce, its role to play to the extreme it? To small and medium enterprises, for example, first of all to make it clear that the site is the main tool for dialogue with customers. As the site between enterprises and users to communicate, this mainly has several functions: enterprise product information through the website user access to information needs by visiting the web site, a purchase behavior, then, in the marketing process, companies need to do this a few aspects of the work.

is the first user location, each enterprise’s products is a fixed customer base, not all businesses are suitable for electronic commerce, a car wash and a move.

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