Miss you M & a taste of the first case has been reached

August 19 Japanese: Recently, A shares of listed companies, I miss you and announced a well-known casual food electricity supplier, taste, mergers and acquisitions, so far, the first case of the merger of the first case of snack electricity dust settled.


One of the

acquisition of the protagonist, haoxiangnizao industry Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1992, in May 20, 2011 listed on the Shenzhen SME board. It has four production base, 8000 acres of self built raw material base. In the country has more than 1400 stores under the line, while entering more than 2200 KA stores, accounting for nearly 90% of sales revenue.

and the other main character, Hao James’s "becheery" was founded in 2003, from the line shop to start operation; 2010, becheery completely shut down the line of stores, transfer to the line, now is the Tmall platform second brand snack nut category sales.

it is reported that as early as February of this year, I miss you foreign announcement: the proposed acquisition of Hangzhou Hao James Food Co., Ltd. 100% stake. July 20th case confirmed by the Commission to complete the audit, recently announced restructuring, a total of 960 million changes in funds. The two sides will cooperate in the future of the brand, products, channels, resources four dimensions. This will also be a huge strategic cooperation between the two sides.

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