Xue Dongyang small and medium sized e commerce sites need to pay attention to the operation of a few

first, should not be greedy, starting from scratch, starting from the

in the initial stage to choose quality and price advantage in a product or a field to do fine, for example: we just started to sell shirts, and now the development of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, Home Furnishing etc.; red children started to sell baby products, Dangdang started selling book…… In this case, a lot of, if we can expand a product or a field strength itself has been good, diversified development is our big problem, the blind pursuit of the diversified development of small and medium-sized enterprises will only accelerate the pace of decline.

second, the site as simple and generous, beautiful professional, maximize user experience

the user is king, all know that the user experience plays a decisive role in the development of the website, a good user experience of the website can not only make the search engine more love, can bring to a website a number of loyal customers.

The layout design of

site should be neat and clear, color collocation is reasonable, navigation and links to the easy to use, at a glance, do not let customers in your site is lost; the best website also can reflect the expertise and strength. Multi station in the user’s point of view to pay attention to every detail of the site to maximize the user experience.

third, advertising to choose the platform, advertising must be attractive

advertising channels mainly has three aspects, first, is the advertising network, refers to some portal website, industry website advertising, basically is to image ads and text ads, advertising and other forms of dynamic display; second, PPC, is in Baidu, Google and other mainstream search engines on the PPC keyword advertising is through the form of text display; third, is advertising, such as Baidu, Google union advertising alliance advertising, Ali mother, also basically is to show the pictures and text form. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, the target audience group should be selected to put the platform in order to maximize the accuracy of advertising, reduce the cost of advertising, and maximize the benefits.

advertising must be attractive, whether it is pictures, video, text, or other forms of advertising, try to do a more appropriate, can be a good guide to the target customers click, so as to maximize the conversion rate of


in the same site, the same location to put the different forms of advertising to bring the amount of hits and the effect is very different, which I have deep experience. So in the production of text ads or advertising pictures as far as possible to spend some effort, do the best to reach your target customers to see, you have to understand the impulse.

fourth, to improve the turnover rate of consultation and each single turnover, increase customer turnover rate of

e-commerce business more and more, more and more intense competition. Maximize advice

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