nventory e commerce industry in 2011 the top ten news

2011 e-commerce situation of the year, leaving an important e-commerce traces. Group purchase from the fire to ice the two days, Taobao because of a piece of paper and rules of siege, five hundred city and other verticals rise, the central bank issued payment license, advertising costs soared, rely on e-commerce platform to burn the fallen down a large number of mobile electronic commerce, the first year of inroads into e-commerce, the traditional enterprise faces an uncertain future, heavily hit e-commerce logistics in 2012, the logistics has become the new

business arena?

a, buy site was born in melee, died of chaos

August 2011, group purchase website Shanghai branch recently suddenly began layoffs, according to the company’s internal staff revealed that the layoffs involving multiple departments. Gaopeng Shanghai responsible person explained, because the company is currently spending more than their income, will adjust the operational arrangements, some departments in Shanghai will be merged into Beijing. At Gaopeng layoffs, Internet commentators Cheng Tianyu said is only the case, after the industry of natural selection, there will be 4-5 to persist.

but after entering in September, Groupon traced to layoffs, layoffs and more than 50%. At the end of September, Wo Wo Group also exposed the news of layoffs, the middle-level staff "Ye Yun Feng @ cold as fire" in micro-blog said: "according to reliable sources, Wo Wo Group this week to start a large-scale" optimization "action, will cut 70% of the staff." In addition, was originally listed in November 14th to handle the transaction network, due to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to clarify some of the accounting issues, the suspension of NASDAQ listed roadshow.

October 25th, the independent group purchase navigation website group 800 released the "third quarter report" shows the consumer group purchase on September, group purchase gross sales decreased 8% compared to August, which is the whole industry for the first time negative growth situation. Analysts pointed out that the rapid reshuffle of the industry is experiencing unprecedented development pains, through the stage, the industry trend will pick up and rational.

as a result of the threshold is too low to buy the site, the market looks great, so many people blindly follow suit. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center released in 2011 (on) China e-commerce market data monitoring report data show that the group of enterprises as of 2011 August has risen to 5300. Group purchase company expansion too fast, the lack of a firm basis, no core competitiveness, blindly follow blindly and mechanically copy, is a major reason for the winter group purchase network.

two, the small sellers besieged the Korean homes, grassroots strength is evil?

October 10th, Taobao mall announced the upgrade business management system, the original 6000 yuan a year technical service fee increased to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two files, and at the same time to establish a "merchant breach guarantee system to Taobao mall merchants to collect credit deposit 10 thousand yuan to 150 thousand yuan."".

the new regulations because of the increase in the cost of small and medium sellers, but caused a lot of dissatisfaction with small sellers. October 11th to 1>

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