Guo Yeye for the type of enterprise network marketing tools two


review, Guo Yeye: to establish the network marketing business type (a), wrote two articles about the choice of reasonable promotion method according to the type of business, and in the early to write these articles, Guo Yeye had planned the overall framework, there are a lot of friends to see the article, plus the QQ, hope to join the case in this paper, a detailed analysis of how enterprise network promotion. Network promotion QQ group Wang Zhunzhi in a new friend, provides their company name and information, hope Guo Yeye can make specific analysis, case analysis, today Guoguo: Zhengzhou Hao runqi Electronic Technology Co. ltd.. The company was established in 07, has a certain reputation in the industry.

first, Guo Yeye correlation analysis will be the first article, to look at the fruit, the fruit will be a part of their company positioning and old customers in the enterprise itself, but also a part of new customers, in the industry’s position is relatively stable, but for the customer maintenance, have a great dependence on the development therefore, this kind of new customers, companies need to expand the customer base, to meet the development of their own business, do network promotion is to expand the scope of business, improve visibility."

Zhengzhou Hao run odd Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the use of animal thermometer and other related biological supplies, in accordance with customer analysis, the customer is widely distributed, the country has the potential customers. The distribution of North china. So we have to use a regional network promotion. Baidu promotion is just in line with this, you can promote the region to the provinces and cities, if the customer can be classified through keywords and even to the street.

Zhengzhou Hao runqi electronic technology limited company to develop, enterprises need to strengthen the propaganda to attract new customers and new customers today, is tomorrow’s old customers, only accumulated a large number of new customers, the business will become bigger and bigger. In the Baidu search engine related enterprise keyword search, found it is difficult to see Zhengzhou Hao run odd Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of the relevant information, even if it is published in the pages of information, it is difficult to find. This is not conducive to the company’s potential customers to find, so we must specify a set of keywords to find the company’s network marketing strategy.


and fruit talk, determine the company’s type, Guo Yeye believes Zhengzhou Hao runqi electronic technology limited company can choose the following keywords promotion strategy. Of course, the following strategies are based on Baidu promotion. The company was established in 07, the company has been in the industry for a period of 3 years or have a certain degree of competitiveness, just want to develop online channels have to start again.

1 uses Baidu to allow customers to reach you through products. Because when in search for "veterinary thermometer" products such as keywords, are very difficult to see Zhengzhou Hao runqi Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. figure, so it can be submitted to Baidu keywords such accounts, so that potential customers can easily find the company through these words.

2 because half of the customers are old customers, so we must consider these old customers

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