A time domain renewal experience

a few days before the two domain name school expired, because it is Saturday, Monday to come back to renew. But on Monday to work to find the domain name with CN can not be used, and quickly landed in the new domain name management page has been seen, the state of the domain name: PENDINGDELETE. To search online: PENDINGDELETE: delete pending. If a domain name has been set in the REDEMPTIONPERIOD state, the Registrar did not put forward the recovery request, then the domain name will be placed in the PENDINGDELETE state, the domain name registrar any request will be denied clearance after 5 days. Do 5 days later it became everybody can register the domain name? At that time really finished! So I quickly contact the renewal matters. That’s when I went to a phone call from Xiamen, the company is what I forgot to say that our.Cn domain name to immediately renew, otherwise in the afternoon after the 5 points will be automatically deleted, then they sent me a renewal agreement let us renew 10 years a total of 2400 yuan. I say we are not from where you have registered from where you renew why? And we are not only the registered a domain name? He said they are the top-level domain registrar, the agency below sometimes very irresponsible, the best renewal in them. I asked how we did not say to renew for 10 years, and how the 10 years to 2400 yuan, is too expensive; he said that there would be a gift to me. I immediately went to the company on the alert, he can not say clearly the first us another due to a renewal of the domain name, and also could not say Qingdao’s two agents is the one. Second, he privately raised the cost of the price, and just registered for 10 years. Third, I can not find this company in the CNNIC2005 certification service. Also in accordance with the provisions of the.Cn domain name is after the expiration of the 15 days if not renew to delete, we expire 3 days, could not be deleted. Whether he, by experience I feel this company is like a scam. Or contact the local registrar renewals. We will soon be able to use the.Org domain name after a year’s fee. And another.Cn domain name until second days can use

tips: 1, the good domain must pay attention to timely renewals, do a renewal of 10 years (if possible in accordance with the provisions of most of the time).

2, do not easily believe that some Internet companies alarmist.

attached: several domain names of international domain name


1, active


2, registryhold


registry, domain name resolution, not normal use, can be renewed;

3, registrylock

registry lock >

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