Three grass two wood business secret micro strategy rapidly after Zezheng

micro business for many businesses is a good opportunity to bend overtaking, but many brands for how to operate the micro business but no concept. Original cosmetics brand three grass and wood by six months in the field of micro business rapid development, sales of more than 60 million. Three grass founder Xie Yiming believes that this is the result of the accumulation of the brand in the future, if the future is to continue to develop the key to speed up the speed of the terminal sales efficiency of the two.

billion state power network exclusive got internal Xie Yiming in early 2015 the company annual meeting speech. In a speech on 2014, Xie Yiming three grass two wood micro business are summarized, also planned development in 2015.

the following speech to thank Yiming full text:

time pushed to July 2014, when the micro business has been basically formed in Pyramid, the team did not agree with me to get involved in this channel. We launched a general offensive on the flanks, and ultimately seize a piece of heaven and earth. Now looking back three grass derivative projects, the three grass from the sporadic fire point, such as wildfire trend intensified, mainly due to several factors.

because the three grass two wood is a start-up brand, not impression accumulation, refused to introduce capital, stretched in all aspects, no matter in which film market, three grass two wood at best waist brand. But when the derivative of the brand, we adhere to the investment and hard, for many years hailun across multiple channels to create a solid team, in the micro business brand uneven in quality the industry led to a crisis of confidence, which created three grass two wood grades in 2014.

this is what we deserve, but how lucky we are. How we are in 2015 and in the face of the new market opportunities, maintain the leading innovation, we are all three two people to participate in grass wood brand issues of common concern. I would like to emphasize the following points:

2015 we all need to think about the problem is how we can help the terminal faster moving pin. I see three grass two wood is now, not because we grasp the nature of the industry, and a deep insight on consumer demand, but because we are in front of the seeds planted in the channel, catalysis, which quickly germination dial festival. How to let it grow into towering trees, the most important aspect is that the terminal.

today we say micro business, not to say that the three grass and wood this brand, not to say what the big regional agents, not to participate in the industry summit of those industry experts, but we are the underlying agent. There is no reason why they don’t have capital selling at a loss. Three grass has more than 10 thousand agents, not only a total of forty generations. If we can’t ride a tricycle and delivery braved the cold do most stalls agent the same stand, we can not say that we do a good job market, can not be victorious.

help terminal agent of our goods to sell, to achieve their expectations, eliminate speculation and vicious competition of the individual, we need to do is 2015. Three grass and two wood not only to their products, but also to help them sell, to help him

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