Love Shanghai home small range test more humanized modification


navigation and application, the user can add new things, aggregating space friends and I Post Bar etc.. In the upper right corner of the page, the user can click on the "traditional home" to return to the traditional love Shanghai search page.

love Shanghai has to adjust to the social product and the team, to accelerate the implementation of the Shanghai community love strategy, said it had belonged to the Shanghai team love community search team, Post Bar team into the technology team. Love is a sea overwhelmed revision, allowing users to reach the destination, the "closure" effect, and can be in love in Shanghai say after the closure of attribute highlight social use of existing resources to the maximum extent.


first in the log, love Shanghai version of the home page will automatically turn personal Center (baidu贵族宝贝/home), add a social attribute. Instead of the original page search box. The new page from the search box, navigation, application, novelty, personal information, real-time hot parts.

network bookmark navigation function, love Shanghai collection has been achieved, the love of Shanghai increase the custom URL functionality in their home, may want to be more people love Shanghai personal home page, let those who bothered to use hao123 users to the IE browser access to their common sites for Chrome and Firefox browser users, it has realized automatic synchronization, the new tab page will automatically display the common website, this new love Shanghai more likely to design for IE users. It is convenient to visit other sites entrance, the system will automatically recommend you visit the site, you can also take the initiative to add their own love website, the website can bind after receiving a notification message.

The revision of the

launched numerous applications for us, you can love >

This is similar to


September 1, 2011, Shanghai home love small scale test revision. If not mistaken, this should be 2007 to fall in love with the sea the largest revision of the home page, more humanized.


2. increased the application function of

love Shanghai in Chinese website rankings, has been ranked the first position, love Shanghai home facelift, Shanghai’s overall strategy for love, not just an accidental revision so simple.

love Shanghai home, is an integration of their own resources to love Shanghai. Unlike QQ, love is always in front of Shanghai mainly rely on search technology services to attract users, and the next step, Shanghai should consider the use of the love is more personalized service to users, "sticky" love Shanghai to promote love Shanghai love space, Shanghai community is an example of this.

1. adds


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