Zeng clear links to make the value of your ranking soared

the above three points is a personal website on the value of the link to my humble opinion, if this is not enough to understand or inappropriate to comment on my blog, I will be the first time correction. In this paper, by the Chengdu Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝028best贵族宝贝 original reproduced please specify the source x >


1 and related articles. This is the website program to achieve. The keyword tag, the title was extracted to achieve, more advanced, way to develop their own, the more relevant the better.

2, the content of the anchor text when the theme of other web content when doing links to the web page. This is the interpretation of the theme of the text is on the page very exact description. Shanghai is a typical example of love, good yo. But it also needs to generate program can save manpower and material resources.

station is commonly called the chain link. The front wrote a story about a novice how to do the chain, also do not know how to send the chain can learn from you. How do the chain is more valuable? Such as your website is about Shanghai dragon, so you have to go to the Shanghai dragon related sites outside the chain, to enhance the role of such links to your website ranking, if you choose to have no relevance to the website to release, will cause the mishap on your web site.


said the website links, for the Shanghai Er is strange but dragon. The vast network is paved by these links. The search engine spiders also through the net to our site to get food. Do website link is really not easy. We all know that looking for high quality link is very important. But figuring out the value of the first link, so can you. I just contacted the Shanghai dragon that moment, is more than happy to do link, who knows the busy months down effect is not great. They began to tangle. This is exactly why? Then a chance to see a blog said links must be wide and looked after see light suddenly. This is how to share my good website links, let the ranking soared. Welcome paizhuan.


link value back to the point: the universality and relativity of links, including the site of the chain and the chain. SE will be based on a link or the anchor text to determine the page and link to the page theme. What station in the chain, the station on the chain in the chain collectively. But business station page is too small, do not have strong.


is an excellent website links natural growth and widespread, check their website have links is too single, the chain increased or reduced in the case of violence, if you have to quickly remedy. These are the hidden dangers. Cheating is too obvious. Hey

third, link

station linkA related links to the most commonly used method of

, the first external links

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