On Site Title How to modify title views ranking optimization

site title, this is our Shanghai dragon optimization people understand but, actually good website title can give people a very good experience for your visitors, the site title is presented to the first impression they, like many portals, short powerful website title, to visit the feeling is not the same, first click to attract visitors is extremely important, another benefit is a good website title must be able to bring good rankings, of course, the ultimate goal is not only Shanghai dragon website ranking, but your website conversion rate of products or content exposure, the troop we will share a few views some website title own editor for everyone.

is mainly to search when the show, I look carefully, love Shanghai probably shows 29 Chinese character, Google search, love Shanghai show to one or two more, about 32. So if you get the title is too long, the search engine is not displayed, this can be the amount you. Brother didn’t aware of what a few words to the best effect of Shanghai dragon.

here to demonstrate a keyword’s website, this is another station this morning I met the station, he told me that his station was K, fell in love with the sea and home are not included in his station, I went to see his website title, found that the site is Title: ecological wood | ecological ecological | ecological wood wood mill
ecological wood floor | ecological wood | ecological wood distribution | ecological wood environmental protection material. And then look at his website source files, the first key ecological wood appeared 85 times, a small business station, this keyword is a very dangerous thing, in fact, I am very suspect because keyword stuffing caused love Shanghai K station. Of course, it is not a shorter and less good, after all, we are not like the portal of the famous Sohu, like Sina, the title is too simple, we generally can not be compared along the way.

three, a headline that


, a primary and secondary keywords keywords ranking

, we will use "website title keywords," or "|" separate, first and second keywords the purpose of doing so is to distinguish the site title, keyword third. Then, according to the order from left to right, turn the line, is the first keyword most left behind it, the second key words, to blog for example: brother brother website first keyword is "Beijing Shanghai dragon", second key words "network optimization".


two, the title keyword is simple and easy to understand, can not be repeated accumulation of

four, long tail keywords collocation

does not need too much to explain, I use some data to present you, everyone can understand. I have an example site address: >

The importance of

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