The Jingdong store product list page user experience and marketing means a


yesterday in the "mall on the Jingdong’s product list page why give up a little bit wrong spider" in one article, here is correct, it is not completely abandon the spider, only some inconvenient transportation products, high cost of freight products can choose to give up the spider, small items do not

: see the boring than the price, the purchase of the company directly to this is certainly unavoidable will hold to the other… But no matter what the user is holding the mentality, and it is the priority among priorities of the absolute, the two conversion rate of users is the highest, the above three points, the recommended products will interest the two users, the user interest will certainly look into then, with the introduction and evaluation of the product user page of fine, the turnover rate is certainly not low.

from the product classification, this is one of the smallest categories, here the user basically understanding of air conditioning, there are several

1: two hot words imply, it sold well, since we are buying, that this product would be.

These kind of products

any page navigation is absolutely can not be ignored, but here the focus changed, prominent and cannot be ignored in the case of not only we start from the user habits, know basically is from left to right user browsing habits, from the top down, put it on the left, you will not ignored by the user, the background color and font plain, will not let users focus too much on the navigation.

users do not love it, okay, we have so many promotional activities, all know the promotion of time is very short, so sure will give users a sense of compact, activity is needless to say, things are very cheap, ten word brief title, small stimulate the user’s mind, then go to look at the pictures, "

breadcrumb navigation is very intuitive to tell the user the current classification of page, also let users can at any time on a return to the same directory! In the form of classification navigation and "appliances", but the background color and text color change, the classification of navigation seems bland, less spectacular, after all here is the product list page, this page should be the primary task is to guide users how to choose products, this is the key.

2: recommended two words is very direct tell users, this product is very good, after all, the Jingdong so big brands, it certainly will not recommend products to users of the garbage.

3: before we see so many products price is "Jingdong" price, and here the use of "special offer", which is very obvious, the naked tell the user, this product not only good quality, more people to buy, but the price is very cheap.

hot recommendation: users came to the product list page, first must notice is here.

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