Zhong Zhixin easy to do the long tail word ranking

easy to do method is to use the long tail word ranking websites provide a platform for, as we all know, the weight of large sites are very high.

The first kind of

I share easily do some "crooked ways" long tail word ranking, as we all know, more than a long tail word of a web site, can be a lot, so we can not put all the long tail word optimization, this is not realistic, so that their net station only a few long tail word hot, in about two or three or so more appropriate, other long tail word we can use other methods.

soft advertising: like Shanghai products, know, encyclopedia, library and so on, as long as do love Shanghai products of high quality, in the love of Shanghai top three natural is no problem, in Shanghai love these products we cannot directly is hard advertising, this big family all know, if purely advertising that is very easy to be titles, before that do nothing, so that the content should be a little softer. You can search in Google and Search ask and the inside of the rankings, do not know why, I had a same problem, a question in the know love Shanghai, another in Search ask questions, answer questions are as like as two peas in Shanghai love, but the search keywords "Zhong Zhixin network promotion blog" love is the first in Shanghai know, while Soso Ask in the first ten pages are not found; in Google search keywords "Zhong Zhixin network promotion blog" is Soso Ask first, love Shanghai know the first ten pages are not found. I don’t know what the reason is, I personally think that Shanghai is ranked sex with love in Shanghai know, do Google with Search ask, ha ha, is a personal view.

In this I

second hard advertising: if have no idea how to write the contents of soft advertising, we can also directly use hard advertising, is the use of each big web blog platform, like Shanghai, NetEase blog, Sina, the big Sohu website blog platform weight is very high. I recommend to you in the Tianya blog, and Tianya blog included very quickly, ranking in love Shanghai, Google rankings are very good, but the blog content entirely on advertising. I’ve done "email marketing" this keyword, title is: email marketing XXXX. It is the company’s advertising content. In Shanghai and Google’s ranking is third, personally think that the blog are very important in the two major search engines, and can directly send advertising, a very good free wide.

long tail word simple said is by the main keyword + modifier. The long tail word can be said to be one of the main sources of small and medium-sized site in the search engine, choose the long tail word for two reasons: first, the user search habits, not all users are only the main search keywords, many users will add modifiers, such as place names + main keywords: Shenzhen Shanghai dragon; this is sure everyone knows and for more than. Two, the long tail word of Shanghai dragon to do relatively easier than many main keywords. So, the word is very important, choose the long tail word is also very important.

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