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is to provide a dry cargo? Value, can bring people thinking and help new content, rather than obscure. Now, with the WeChat public number article, for example, why is it possible to explode? Why is it possible to reach 100 thousand +, 1 million +, or even more? Content is the foundation. The biggest impact is the sharing of users. When you share a certain boundary, break through this boundary, especially after KOL has participated in the sharing, and this will increase in geometric progression. If only one person has read your article, or 100 or 1000 people have read your article, but they have not shared it, you can’t reach the effect of communication in the process.

, has 100 thousand fans, the general reading rate is 5% to 10%, this is the normal data, if startups write those very difficult operation, the normal open rate should be only 0.5% to 1%. If the operator tells the founder that the so-called dry goods he wrote are more than 100 thousand +, or are far more than your fans, there must be some water.

new media fire, from the early runaway, logic thinking, to his uncle, Papi sauce, Chen Xiang at half past six, industry in the past two years on the air, too hot, but now spread throughout the industry appears some confusion, a lot of new media concept mixed a lot of ichthyosaurs, misleading entrepreneurs and interested in this thing for young people.

is spreading, there’s hierarchy. One transmission, two propagation, three propagation. When you have 100 thousand fans, you gave them a PUSH communication, a communication is just the first starting point, more important is two times and three times of the spread, they are willing to share what they see out, this is the most critical.

South seven new media takes you from the hot words of several key nodes to talk about new media that have been misunderstood.

just when everyone swarmed into the hand travel, Zhan Zhen Yang is still busy doing his end tour. "Although the Mobile Games prospect is very good, there are a lot of opportunities, but let the belly hungry don’t say it!" he smiled, and then filled with seriously said: "after the failure experience told me that the first thing you need to do is let your business survive!"

Zhan Zhenyang joined the Kingsoft University in 2001 and served as deputy general manager of the company’s mobile software division. In March 2004, he left from Jinshan, then founded Beijing enlightenment Century Communication Technology Co., Ltd., as a mobile phone machine design. Two years later, in May 2006, the first venture failed, he returned to Jinshan, began to play the game. After that, they successively served as general manager of golden hill studio in Shanxi, Jinshan game COO and vice president of jinshan. The game has presided over the development and operation of "spring and autumn Q biography", "musketeers of the world" and other well-known online game.


familiar with the domestic network game history who may know Kingsoft online games wuhu. At the beginning of 2008, Kingsoft released a new online strategy, while the establishment of the new network management layer is composed of 5 executives, they were dubbed the title of Wuhu Kingsoft online games industry. And this is one of the five Zhan Zhen Yang, when his job is Kingsoft online games division deputy general manager.

Li Xueling advised him to do Webpage Game, he was left to the end of the tour; the China development team are doing Webpage Game, he continues to be the end of the tour all over the world; investors are looking for Mobile Games project, he still in the end of the tour; innovation works never cast the game, but he persuaded Li Kaifu to cast the end of the tour. One of the original Jinshan game five, experienced business failure, once again standing in the business starting point

is easy to move, can past experience make him successful at the end of the tour? Is this really something he’s good at, or is he doing something contrarian? He’s going to end up in the end of the tour

We have a public number if WeChat


so many people equate dry goods with serious knowledge, but in fact dry and serious are not the same thing. The so-called dry goods, its form can be very relaxed, very interesting, or the view is very sharp and unique. When we do pay for the mobile phone serious subjects, not to analyze the payment industry process, but at the same time, there are 6 countries and regions, the young field shooting local offline payment, click on the video – >

"when the end travel market is not that bad, unless you have a deeper understanding of the new market, I think it’s important for companies to support themselves."." He raised his voice to say "I remind you that we are people, not God, we don’t think our level is equal to anything, limited! So, then do their own areas of expertise, and then see if there is no beyond their own might, in other ways if we can do something to break." But is end travel so easy to succeed,

, whether it’s professional or new media creation, or entrepreneurs in their own number issued their own ideas, like to mention that their writing is dry. Before you finish writing, you’ll have to be yourself. However, the content of reading, often find the style is very difficult, so many people put the things simple to understand, serious content is not so dry cargo.

first key words: serious = dry?

the traditional end of the tour developers have transition, and he founded Zhuhai Yang Zhan vibration heart Tour Limited company of science and technology, but hope to be able to dig into the pot of gold at the end of the tour, many people were shocked by his practice. Because now the end of the tour has been transferred to the ocean from the Red Sea, the market pattern has been formed because of large investment, long development cycle, low success rate, the vast majority of entrepreneurs on the are shunned, but inside Zhan Zhen Yang crowded.

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