Seckill customer loyalty site three killing device

kill three: finally we have to say that the key of the user experience, user experience is built on the basis of abundant content, the content page directory cannot be set too deep, not only from the angle of users to find from the perspective of Shanghai dragon is disadvantageous, content classification should focus on logic in addition, reasonable and relevant, website navigation and site map is an important method to increase the user experience. Adsense Encyclopedia also remind Adsense ads should be better, after all, no one will love full screen advertising.

kill: a user loyalty is the key to the success of the site, and good website image and service can deeply attract users, people are emotional animal, but content not to talk with people like, like the web site, including clothing and manners and so on, only neat dress and noble quality, in order to give each other to leave a deep let’s have a good impression and.

the customer is God, we put each one to the users of the website can be compared to their customers, in fact, customer loyalty is a major indicator of website quality, but also our webmaster of the most easily overlooked intangible assets.

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, every webmaster are important factors to be considered in website development and optimization is to improve user loyalty, if a website is almost all traffic from the search engine is that the website user experience and user loyalty is very poor. In addition, there are many details need to do, such as the forum should increase attendance, friends and other functions, simplifying the registration process, the only way to improve customer loyalty.

kill two: website image and service is important, but the content is the most important place to retain users. According to the statistical tools webmaster can see what the most popular, what users stay longer, which is the analysis of the content of interest to the user. The webmaster can not be content to do too thick too wide, fine is the website development trend, and do not collect, from the user’s perspective. The high quality of the article is not collected, in the development of the Internet in the thousands of times is always the core content is king.


in the webmaster do website optimization and a series of work or in order to attract traffic to attract users, increase exposure. We will let users divided into new visitors and old customers, we have to do is how to retain old customers, it is far greater than the importance of how to attract new visitors, so webmaster and how to increase user loyalty site? Cat guest stationmaster net for you sharing web site user loyalty seckill three big kill.

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