Shanghai dragon eighth questions how is optimized according to the product pictures

pictures? Answer: !

the following eighth questions record:

asked: Hello Mr. Huang, want to ask: have the product picture database of our enterprise website, these pictures are the boss picked up the boss, saying that you want to keep these pictures are love Shanghai included, but also allows users to search. I’ve never been the site optimization picture, so I want to ask the teacher, what is optimized for these pictures? Can you give me a little idea of

statement: as the webmaster too simple questions or not neat, I have to do with words, but have the same intention

asked: Here I was responsible for the corporate website, always have doubt in the optimization of the website content page, with B and strong these two labels, my purpose is to make bold words, the main contents of keywords in a more prominent correlation, thus enhance the content and keywords. But I could not make her with which label is more in line with the Shanghai dragon, because these two labels are bold. May be my own ability is insufficient, fell in love with the sea also check a lot of information, but there is no exact argument.

: I have always believed that the common site enterprises in Shanghai love image search still has some space to play, but many owners do not have the ability to maximize the space. So, here I give you some advice:

introduction: quality of the integration of Shanghai dragon, can let more webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel find their problems quickly and solve, or to learn more knowledge of Shanghai dragon. So, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng Engineer Huang Zhong had made Shanghai dragon problem from the media, will continue to update the solution quality problems in each period. Love friends can add micro signal: 343031031 with the interaction of Shanghai dragon.

B tags and strong tags are identical in form, in general the difference in the HTML specification of the two label is basically invisible. It is important to note here: B is an entity tag, which is surrounded by the words in bold, no other meaning; while strong is a logical label, which is surrounded by the words of tone and strengthen, compared with the B label, just the default form for bold. So, theoretically: should Shanghai Longfeng need is strong tags.

image optimization ?

: set a precise ALT tags to the picture, not too broad, also do not stack keywords, only need to objectively describe the pictures you can. Why are you doing this? Because these are the search engine judgment chart;

– two: how is optimized for



– 1: B and strong tag which is more conducive to the website of Shanghai dragon

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