Talk about some easy to cause the site was K out of the sea with factors


1) space long-term use website appeared open or access speed is very slow in

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in a certain extent, love Shanghai less love website change, but also for the site is extremely sensitive to changes, even if you move a code or cup point symbol it knows. Of course, generally small changes love Shanghai basically may not make what punishment to the website, but you change too frequently, or modify the amplitude is relatively large, so love to punish Shanghai might not be a small drop right, but directly to K station, I think you also don’t want to be loved in Shanghai for this reason K

in the sea!

for hope in the love of Shanghai where there is a good ranking, so as to bring a large number of traffic stationmaster, the world’s most tragic thing is love the sea off site K, because of the love of Shanghai K station is not equal to other punishment, such as weight right down as long as huadianxinsi natural site will soon recover. Even if it’s down, we also can be solved by improving the quality of the chain and the number of sites, but K is different, because the site is K off after love Shanghai, although there is still hope to make it to be included, but the difficulty is not in general, but also do not know how many webmaster can to love Shanghai reincluding. So, in order to avoid the site is love Shanghai K away, now we can easily cause the website is in this analysis of several factors in K out of the sea, in the days after the webmaster website operation process as long as careful not to make these mistakes do not have to worry about the site is K off

in addition, site when the weight is not high, I do not suggest that you change the template, because the replacement template is bound to affect love Shanghai, after all not every template are the same, some places have something different, and you will certainly change the template, more or less what page or things, as well as for the source of the site the best don’t change, unless you don’t call love Shanghai, do not call site can get traffic from Shanghai love there, so I can stand as a grown up advice, otherwise the webmaster or do not replace the good website source.


3) web site may use what outside the chain of tools, or use the black chain to cheat


2) website is too frequent, not changed key is replaced website template source code

whether domestic or foreign, any search engine will not love "

in our daily business website owners in the process of host factors by using the website space and loved Shanghai examples of punishment is beyond count, if long-term use of space to host your site appeared open, or special access speed slow, so your site is in love with the sea is not lost K a strange thing, because you so serious to website user experience for a user experience of the website, love is not like Shanghai, but it does not love you, even hate you, will behoove K your website

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