Shanghai dragon Er will know the ranking and conversion between code

some people say: why pay so much every day, all day is written in the article, the hair of the chain, Shanghai dragon, but why still no rankings? Some people say: why has the top three ranking, but to bring traffic but very little? Some people say: why is the ranking, why the conversion rate is still very low? The new Chen believe these problems with a large number of webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, then why, how should I do? Please look down, the new Chen told you.

what is the senior Shanghai dragon? For example, Chinese network planning first person: Wang Tong. The new Chen not introduced. However, Shanghai dragon, what do you want to do? The new Chen said that although a bit vulgar, but ranking and traffic is our task, the conversion rate is our goal, but the ultimate goal is to improve the brand exposure and visibility. To enhance the user experience for users not to enter the site through search engines, the chain of passive, but on their own initiative into the website. It can be said to be a senior Shanghai dragon, a not for ranking and optimization of Shanghai dragon Er, but to the conversion rate and the brand to Shanghai dragon er.

Shanghai dragon is what to do, you may think that the people have a commonplace talk of an old scholar, said, is not to write an article, send the chain, see the ranking well, what technical content, who will not ah? Yes, the new Chen also know, do Shanghai Longfeng entry work is the very. Simple, easy to use; the new Chen said, is the entry of Shanghai dragon, actually can also call it another name: the chain commissioner.



back to the last question, some people say why the website ranking, but the poor little flow, the conversion rate of less? Do not know if you have not found, in fact, for medium and large sites, traffic is basically from the long tail keywords, therefore, the new Chen suggested that you don’t just stare. You set the target keywords Oh, and Chen think target keywords we choose but should be summed up accurate keywords from a large number of long tail words. Of course, the new Chen is not to say that we do not have the target keywords, just suggest that the majority of Shanghai dragon er>

? For example, the new

Chen think we need to master these 1, are now promoting the user experience, and this is the inevitable trend of the development of search technology is also a popular so-called parameter search results, this is from the user search experience to judge, so that users of the new Chen seize the search words to do Shanghai Longfeng; 2, should grasp the marketing skills, do website optimization ranking is actually marketing themselves; 3, to know how to seize the user’s psychological, use psychological tactics skills to attract users; 4, Shanghai dragon Er also want to know houheixue, want not cheating, but to adapt to the reality. In fact, the new Chen think that Shanghai dragon is very difficult, because we need to know what is too much. Fortunately, we have been working hard, not

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