Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to participate in Shanghai Longfeng activities

can participate in what Shanghai dragon

a talk to the Shanghai dragon general practitioners, do not understand this line will think of Shanghai dragon is very profound, Shanghai dragon Er very niubi. Shanghai dragon ER in their heart seems to be synonymous with "white-collar", whole sitting in the office, looks very cool. In fact, in which you will find that most are "grass root" level, the real use of Shanghai dragon let oneself become rich handsome very rare. Actively participate in the activities of the Shanghai dragon advantage is obviously, one is to exchange, the second is to accumulate contacts. And the purpose of communication is to learn the experience of others and thinking every day, just repeat the chain, writing is not enough. Shanghai Longfeng needs more exchanges, as the saying goes: "peer is the enemy". The Shanghai dragon industry is no exception, but we need more cooperation and exchanges, especially among peers.

Hello, I was outside the chain of men. Don’t know when we usually do not work to do what? I think a lot of 80, 90 Shanghai Longfeng workers love playing games, yes, our generation never played the game did not feel too normal, just a joke. Want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng or become a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, we have to get used to life in Shanghai dragon er. The most obvious change is not enough for the more time, of course this is grass root like author’s life. If you are in charge of the team level Shanghai Dragon Figure, can be ruled out. Shanghai dragon Kung Fu in extracurricular learning. So I understand, can go to participate in training to understand some very basic things, and then slowly accumulation of practical experience, today want to talk about Shanghai Longfeng practitioners involved in Shanghai Longfeng activity benefits.

how to participate in more activities in Shanghai dragon

activities can be divided into two categories: one is the offline activities, such as what Shanghai Longfeng exchange conference, what Shanghai Longfeng party and so on, of course you can also have the ability to attend stationmaster plenary meeting. The other is to achieve on the Internet, such as YY QQ micro-blog exchange activities, activities and so on, all these can be regarded as the Shanghai dragon activities. Considering the realistic problems, opportunities we participate in the activities under the line is not much, but in the online Shanghai dragon activities very convenient. But we take some spare time. Recently, Zhu Weikun has been involved in the teacher’s "joking Internet" series of activities of micro-blog, met some friends, very good.

to participate in the Shanghai dragon

? Why is ?Shanghai dragon activities?

as illustrated above, offline activities are very rare, and most of us are a rookie level. Not what capital to participate. So for those of us in the most grass-roots Shanghai dragon Er, only through the Internet to participate in more activities in Shanghai dragon. How to participate? There are several ways: 1, QQ group, QQ micro-blog, YY. To add a QQ group, of course in the group with a lot of experience.

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